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Who Is Mo Mountain Mutts?

Who Is Mo Mountain Mutts?

Mo Mountain Mutts is an innovative dog business and social media sensation that we’re excited to share with you. Get ready for some dog training tips and a lot of cuteness in this article. 

Hop aboard as we look at who Mo Mountain Mutts is, the services they offer, and why they’ve become a popular YouTube and Instagram sensation. 

Who Is Mo Mountain Mutts?

Mo Mountain Mutts is a dog training and dog walking company. Based in Skagway, Alaska, the business owners are Mo and Lee Thompson. Originally from Michigan, the Thompsons moved to Alaska in 2014. 

In an interview with KHNS FM, Mo talked about how the business started by walking friends’ dogs during her lunch breaks. She said, “I started working with some teachers at the school. And it just kind of was a ripple effect of ‘Hey, I heard you’re really good with dogs. Can you help me?’ And then, I needed a second pack walk because I started grouping dogs together by their personalities. So we had our morning crew and our afternoon crew. Then it just grew to the point where I needed some help from Lee.” 

So, today Mo and Lee have a full-service dog-walking business. But what sets it apart, besides the couple’s love of dogs and training skills, is that they pick up all of their furry clients in a shuttle bus! 

mo mountain mutts
Mo Mountain Mutts pick up their furry clients in a shuttle bus!

The Mo Mountain Mutts Shuttle Bus

Mo Mountain Mutts pick up their furry clients on a passenger bus. The bus is a Ford E-450 shuttle bus. It has 14 seats and a driver’s seat. Lee drives, and Mo sits in one of the seats with the dogs in the rest. The minute their dog-walking business expanded, Mo dreamt of a bus where each dog could have a seat.

Each dog has an assigned seat with a clip-on seatbelt that attaches to their dog harnesses. To keep the dogs secure during transport, they are clipped onto a leash that wraps around the bus seat. And the dogs are put in a section of the bus according to their personality. For example, rambunctious puppies are placed in the back seats so they can’t disturb the driver. 

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What Services Does Mo Mountain Mutts Offer? 

Mo Mountain Mutts offers mental and physical enrichment for pets. They do trail dog training, puppy socialization, and off-leash pack walks on Alaskan trails. 

If you’re in Skagway and looking for a dog walker, you’ll want to get on Mo Mountain Mutts’ schedule as soon as possible. The puppy bus is popular because Mo and Lee do an excellent job with dogs in their care. What you see on social media is what you get in real life too.

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Where Is Mo Mountain Mutts Located? 

Mo Mountain Mutts is in Skagway, Alaska. The city, with a population of just over 1,100, is just north of Juneau on the southeast side of the state. 

Skagway is on the cruise ship route that goes through the Inside Passage. Once a part of the gold rush era, you’ll find historical pieces and landmarks on a visit. 

Mo Mountain Mutts has become a popular internet sensation. The dog-walking company was even featured in People Magazine

When Mo and Lee started posting their dog walking and training adventures on TikTok, their following grew almost overnight. People couldn’t get enough of watching adorable dogs board a bus and find their seats and going on pack walks in the Alaska wilderness. They have over 1.7 million followers on the platform, and one video has over 10 million views.

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If you’re like us, you’re likely to binge all of Mo Mountain Mutts YouTube videos over a couple of days. But, to help, we’ve highlighted four of their most popular ones. Take a look!

Hiking With 9 Dogs

Can you imagine hiking with nine dogs on a trail? Mo Mountain Mutts does it almost every day, multiple times a day. In this video, Mo shows how they hook up the leashes of nine dogs and train them to socialize and exercise well together.

Puppy Bus: Passing Out Treats and Highlighting Each Dog’s Personality

The treats are among the best things about the puppy bus for furry clients. This video shows the dog’s personalities on the trail and how they get rewarded when back on the bus. You can see how the pack of fur babies love and respect Mo, their leader. 

Group Hike Dog Tour

The group hike dog tour is entertaining. With a bus full of dogs and one human baby on board, Mo and Lee take the group on a pack hike. From a stop at a spring to showing commands for grouping up the pack and releasing them, you’ll get a good picture of their entire operation.

Assigned Seats for the Dogs Explained

One of Mo Mountain Mutts’ most popular videos is when Mo explains the dogs’ assigned seats. She describes why and where each of the furry clients sits. For example, the lickers get the back section of the bus so she can pay attention during transport and Lee doesn’t get distracted while driving.

Ever wonder? Mo Mountain Mutts can set up her bus seats for their dogs. But what about cats? Well, there are cat car seats, too! Check them out.

Where Else Can You Find Mo Mountain Mutts? 

Besides YouTube, you can find Mo Mountain Mutts on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. They also have a website that has their contact information. If you live in Skagway or will be traveling there for an extended period, you can contact them to see if there are any openings for your dog.

Learn From Mo Mountain Mutts Training Techniques 

Watching their videos, you can learn from Mo Mountain Mutts’ training techniques. Training multiple dogs from different homes for off-leash pack walks isn’t easy. But Mo and Lee have excellent techniques that are helpful for individual dogs and more.

Are you a dog walker? Which of Mo Mountain Mutts’ techniques are you most likely to try? Leave a comment below.

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