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Who Was Toonces the Driving Cat?

Who Was Toonces the Driving Cat?

Toonces the Driving Cat is a name that might raise eyebrows and pique your curiosity. It is, after all, a driving cat! What could go wrong?

Keep reading to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Toonces the Driving Cat. And if you’re looking for a laugh, you’ve come to the right place.

Buckle up, Toonces is at the wheel! 

Who Was Toonces the Driving Cat?

Toonces the Driving Cat is a pet cat who knows how to drive a car. Truthfully, Toonces is a fictional character in a Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit, a famous American TV variety show that premiered on October 11, 1975, and is still airing today. 

While Toonces is fictional, his character on the show featured a real cat, a gray American shorthair tabby. He was also a puppet. How else will a cat drive a car? However, more than being a puppet and a cat, Toonces became a legend.

What Is the Premise of the Saturday Night Live Cat Driving Sketch?

Toonces the Driving Cat was a skit reminiscent of a 60s sitcom where a character had to deal with a strange situation. Being a skit, a driving cat fit the bill. Toonces had to handle many issues like passing his driving test, dealing with jealousy, and more life-affirming scenarios. 

He accomplished these tasks alongside his human owners, who, regardless of the situation, never hesitated to get in the car while Toonces was behind the wheel. They never doubted his skills. At the end of every driving excursion, Toonces crashed the car over the same cliff, but his parents never left his side.

Which SNL Cast Members Star in Sketches with Toonces the Driving Cat? 

We would expect nothing less from Steve Martin and Victoria Jackson, Toonces’ SNL parents. These two long-time comedians fit seamlessly together when it came time to create this simple yet hilarious skit starring a cat.

Steve Martin has been a host and a guest over 30 times throughout SNL’s long-running history. Victoria Jackson shined as a cast member for six years, from 1986 through 1992. 

But SNL didn’t stop there. Toonces the driving cat almost starred in a movie, but he had to settle for a prime-time skit instead. Long-time SNL cast member, Dana Carvey, well-known for being SNL’s Church Lady, joined the cast of Toonces and has been a part of it several times since then.

With names like Martin, Jackson, and Carvey heading the skit, Toonces was almost automatically a success. But some argue it was Toonces that boosted these actors’ careers. If Toonces would stop driving cars over cliffs, we might find out his opinion. However, Toonces isn’t a talking cat; Toonces is a driving cat, so he won’t be able to tell us.

What Year Did Toonces the Driving Cat Appear on SNL?

Today, Toonces is a classic. But when the cat first appeared on SNL on May 20, 1989, he was a novice in acting and driving. Fifteen SNL skits and a 1992 prime-time skit later, we’re happy to announce that neither his acting nor his driving skills have improved. If they did, he would no longer be Toonces the Driving Cat.  

Who Came Up With Toonces? 

Who came up with this idea of a driving cat in the first place? Meet Jack Handey. If you’re familiar with SNL, you’re probably familiar with Jack Handey. Handey first started writing comics with Steve Martin before he joined SNL. 

One of his most memorable writings might be Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy. People read these comedic and sarcastic one-liners between skits. They became pretty popular with audiences and cast members. While Handy claims that he can’t remember where the idea for a driving cat came from, he took the name from his cat.

Why Do Cat Videos Make People Laugh? 

Like Toonces the Driving Cat’s videos, many other cat videos have an inexplicable way of making people laugh. They offer a look into the cat version of the world where all that matters is cat naps, snacks, and catnip. 

Cats performing feats of athleticism, like jumping from a high surface or running after a toy, provide an unexpected form of entertainment that can’t help but make us laugh. Their silly facial expressions, mannerisms, and physics-defying leaps often cause us to chuckle.

Taking peeks into cat lives gives us a much-needed respite from our hectic days. It helps remind us to relax and be in the moment. Not only are cat videos incredibly amusing to watch, but they also bring us all closer. After all, who can keep from laughing when presented with the gift of cat-apults?

Do You Remember Toonces the Driving Cat?

Toonces the Driving Cat was a famous Saturday Night Live skit because it was simple but hilarious. People will never forget Toonces as one of the funniest skits on SNL. Whether you remember him or not, it’s time to take a break from whatever you’re doing and spend some time revisiting Toonces’ videos. He might even teach you something about driving…just not very well.

Have you seen this iconic SNL skit? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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