Tips for Surviving the Holidays with Pets

The holidays are a time for celebration. If you have pets, however, they are something you approach with caution. You see, the indulgent nature of the holidays not only applies to people. It applies to animals, too.

Pet Obesity Poses Serious Health Problems

People tend to overfeed their pets when it’s a holiday or there are other people around. This isn’t something to be overlooked, however, because obesity in a pet significantly shortens their lifespan. You want your beloved dog or cat to be with you for future celebratory events so it’s important to be mindful about these things.

Cats and Dogs Should Not Be Fed Most People Foods

Cats often could care less if there is people food around. Dogs, however, are a different story. They’ll beg for a bite and even sneak food off the table.

That’s why it’s very important for you to let everyone that is dining with you know not to feed the dogs or cats table scraps. This should be emphasized to children who don’t know what kinds of foods could actually harm your pets.

Things That Should Never Be Given to a Dog to Eat

You may ask, “What foods can dogs not eat?” The list is actually rather lengthy. Some of the things that you want to avoid giving to your pooch include alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, citrus peels, grapes and raisins, macadamia nuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts, onions, garlic, and chives, raw or undercooked meat and eggs, turkey, chicken, and fish bones.

Monitor Who is Eating What and How Much They’re Eating of Their Own Food

You’ll also want to monitor the pet food you set inside the bowls for your cat and dog to eat. The age-old question of “Can cats eat dog food?” may come up a time or two with your visitors. The answer is “No.”

Each animal is given a special type and amount of food based on their dietary needs. It is not okay for your cat to scarf down on dog food no more than it is okay for your dog to plow through the food in your cat’s dish.

A Technological Solution That Makes Tracking Easier

Petrics Health and Nutrition Application will be able to assist you with tracking these things in the future. Our Kickstarter campaign launches later this month. We hope that you’ll take a moment to support us in our venture to monitoring your pet’s health via your smartphone or tablet.

Get to know the ingredients in the pet food that you’re feeding your dog and cat. The app will give you all of the information you need to determine whether it’s a healthy option for your furry friend. You also get immediate notification if the brand of food you’re feeding your pets is recalled.

Don’t let a disaster take away your holiday joy. Be mindful of what you feed your pets, how often you’re feeding them, and how they’re feeling and behaving when company arrives. Doing so alerts you to potential problems your pet might have with his or her health. Keeping your veterinarian’s emergency phone number on the fridge is one way to prepare in advance for those ‘what-if’ scenarios.

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