If your home is one with multiple pets, you know how chaotic things get. If you’re not very organized, confusion sets in. You don’t remember which pets have already been fed and which ones took their medication earlier in the day. That can be a big problem for you as a pet parent because your dogs and cats can’t speak to set the record straight.

If you want to make things less stressful for yourself, there are ways you can keep track of multiple pets without issue. The following suggestions will likely simplify your daily routine by making it better organized and easier to track. That means less stress and more time to play with your pets instead.

Here are some tips for managing a multi-pet household with ease:

  • Spend money with care. Caring for pets can be expensive when you factor in the cost of their food, grooming, veterinarian appointments, and toys. Add beds, treats, and other items of comfort to the bill and you’ll be shocked at what you’re spending each year. If you want to care for more than one pet, know that it may be challenging to budget adequately for the task. Do not, however, neglect the needs of your dog or cat in favor of saving a few dollars. They need adequate nutrition, access to healthcare and medications, and things that make their lives comfortable and happy. As long as you’re willing to pay for these things no matter what your financial circumstances may be, you’ll be fine.
  • Free up time for your pets. Make sure you give your dogs and cats plenty of love and attention. They rely on you for companionship as much as you rely on them. Don’t be so busy that you have to leave them alone all the time. Imagine how you’d feel if you weren’t able to see your loved ones often. Your dogs and cats will love every minute that you’re together so free up your schedule to spend more time with them.
  • Feed them in separate areas of the home. Keep your pets apart when they eat so one doesn’t decide to eat the other animal’s food. This is one way to put a stop to aggressive behavior and the best way to prevent obesity which decreases the lifespan of pets. It ensures that each pet gets the right food for their dietary needs, too.
  • Monitor their health with the Petrics app. Prevent problems that shorten the life of your dogs and cats. You can easily solve multi-pet feedings, GDV risk in dogs, pet obesity, and other concerns related to your beloved canines and felines. Once the app is available for the public to download, install it on your phone or tablet right away. Start playing with its different features so you grow accustomed to how to use it.

Manage your multi-pet household easier than ever. Thanks to Petrics, you can. You’ve got options that allow you to take care of more than one pet successfully no matter what type of schedule you hold.

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