Pet-proofing your apartment or house is imperative when you have furry friends living there.

You protect your pets from outside dangers by keeping careful watch over them so nothing and no one harms them. So, what do you do to address the hidden dangers inside your home? Do you identify them and hope for the best by ignoring the threat? No, you take action right away to make sure that the indoor safety of your pet is equal to the outdoor safety precautions you take.

The following list of hazards exists in many pet owners’ homes. Do your part to take care of the issues that pose a threat to your pets by eliminating said problems right away. With the busy holiday season fast approaching and houseguests increasing in number, it’s never been more important to take care of your pet responsibilities in an expedited way.

Collars Worn in Bed and in Crates

Removing your pet’s collar before going to bed or placing them in a crate is imperative. It prevents strangulation because the likelihood of the animal getting caught by something lessens. A collar can get hooked onto other things and literally cut the air supply off of your pet’s throat. If you’re sleeping, you may not wake up in time to realize that your dog or cat is in peril.

Corded Blinds and Curtains with Ties

Long cords and sashes can wreak havoc on a pet-filled household fast. Like with their collars, the items that draw blinds up or tie curtains back can be entangled around your dog or cat’s neck. Make sure to remove and replace any blinds or curtains with ties that could pose a problem for your pet.

People Food

If you wonder if your dog can eat cat food or your cat can eat dog food, you also need to be aware that many of the things you eat are considered poisonous to your pets. Learning which “people foods” are off-limits is essential especially if you have visitors or leave your animals in the care of a sitter while you’re away. That way, no one makes the mistake of feeding your pets something that could be potentially fatal to them.

Holiday Décor Such as Glass Ornaments and Tinsel

Although these items look pretty inside the home, they may harm your pets. Keep in mind that Christmas tree trimmings can hurt your dog or cat if eaten. If you’ve got a pet that likes to explore new things with their mouths, you may want to find a way to decorate differently. That way, you’re not taking a chance especially if you’re not around to monitor your dog or cat every second.

Pet-proofing your home is easy once you know which things pose the greatest threat to your pets. Regularly accessing the Petrics app on your phone allows you to receive real-time alerts about any recalls that are taking place in the pet food industry. That way, you’re never feeding your dog or cat something that could potentially harm their health. You’re also able to better monitor the ingredients that make up the food and treats you give your pets thanks to our extensive database of pet food brands.

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