Massaging your pooch has distinct health advantages.

Massage increases the blood flow, keeps joints limber, and relaxes muscles in humans and animals. If you have an anxious dog that you want to help become calm, give them a good rubdown. Dog massage is a real treat that strengthens the bond between you and your best friend.

Health Benefits of Regular Massages

Massage is excellent for physical and emotional health. Dogs love attention especially when they’re tired, not feeling good or anxious. It’s easy to give them the care that they need because all that is needed in the way of tools is your own two hands.

Some of the benefits dogs get from regular massages include:

  • Stress Relief. If your pet tends to be anxious, you’re able to calm them down quickly by massaging them. It lets them know that you’re ready and able to keep them safe from harm. Massage helps you relax, too, meaning that both of you can benefit from the self-care tool.
  • Digestive Issues. Gentle strokes help your pet tame a tummy ache. It prevents digestive issues from occurring by preventing stomach upset. If your pet is acting lethargic or eating grass, try massaging their abdomen by making long strokes toward their tail.
  • A Healthier Heart. Improved circulation is one of the benefits of massage. Humans and dogs experience an increase in blood flow to the areas of the body that have been touched and rubbed.
  • Flexibility and Better Range of Motion. Massage helps prevent age-related joint pain. It allows your pet to fully extend its legs and walk, run, and jump with ease. Massage helps ease arthritis and muscle stiffness.
  • Trust and Comfort. The bond between you and your furry friend increases with every extra minute of care you give to them. They trust you and come to you for comfort whenever they are sick, injured or upset. Massage makes the bond between you and your pet even stronger because they feel comforted when they need it.

Massage definitely has its benefits. It can be used to calm down an anxious pet, provide relief when they’ve eaten something that hasn’t agreed with them, and makes the bond between you and your pooch inseparable.

Where to Massage Your Dog

In order to help your pet, you need to know how their body responds to touch. The following list helps you identify the benefits that come with massaging certain areas of the body. Note their behavior and reaction prior to touching them, though, so that you don’t receive the wrong response by them nipping at or trying to bite you.

The areas of the body to pay the most attention to are:

  • The Ears. Stress and anxiety are helped by massaging this place.
  • The Back. If your dog feels restless, massage the back.
  • The Belly. Aids with digestive issues.
  • The Chest. Helps with heart health.
  • The Top of the Dog’s Legs. Flexibility and range of motion are increased by massaging the top of the legs.

You know how good a massage feels. Extend the courtesy to your dog and watch them thrive. There are many health benefits that come with regular massages. Learn to focus on the parts of their body that need the most attention. You’ll be rewarded with lots of tail wags and grateful kisses for the time you put in.

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