Watch closely for these warning signs.

how to tell that your dog is in pain

If your pet is behaving oddly, it could be due to the fact that they’re in pain. Because they don’t have a way to communicate their needs verbally with you, they rely on their body language to alert you to any trouble they’re experiencing. If your dog isn’t acting normally, they could be very ill or injured.

If your dog is in pain, they may do the following:

Stop eating.

If your dog loses their appetite, it could be because they aren’t feeling well. They may also hurt somewhere on their body and not feel like moving and further aggravating their injury. If the problem persists for more than a few days, contact the vet for advice. If you changed their dog food recently, you can refer to the Petrics app to see if there is an ingredient in the formula that they have a known sensitivity to.

Groom themselves more than usual.

If your dog is licking or biting at a spot on their body excessively, you should examine it closely for any signs of injury. There is a chance that they have a wound or skin irritation that they’re trying to heal. Because dog tongues carry bacteria, it’s best to shave the area, treat it with an antibacterial cream, and cover it with a soft bandage. If your dog won’t leave the cleaned area alone once it’s been disinfected and treated, you may need to put a cone on them to keep them from gnawing on the spot.

Pant heavily.

It’s how animals cool themselves down on a hot day or after running around a lot. Panting helps regulate the dog’s temperature. If they pant for a long period of time or start doing so when the weather is cooler or they’ve not exercised, contact your vet for further instruction.

Act oddly.

If your usually friendly dog is cowering in the corner or has isolated themselves away from you, it could be due to the fact that they’re in pain. If you approach them and they growl or act aggressively, you may need to coax them into their kennel so you can transport them to the vet for further examination.

Eat grass.

If your pet has a bad bellyache, grass will soothe their stomach. If you see your dog eating grass while outdoors, know that they’ve likely gotten into something they shouldn’t have or that they ate something that disagreed with them. Let them do their thing because it helps them expel whatever is ailing them. They’ll either vomit it up or poop it out.

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