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Best and Worst Foods to Feed Your Dog

Give your pet the best nutrition you possibly can for all the days of their lives. There are foods that nourish your dog’s body and promote good health as well as longevity. Then there are foods that cause obesity, illness, and disease. Just like humans, an overweight dog can experience a multitude of health problems.…

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Which Vitamins and Nutrients Do Dogs and Cats Need?

These are the things that are essential to your pet’s good health and longevity. For your dog and cat to live a long, healthy life, they must get adequate nutrition from the foods they eat. Knowing how much food to feed your pet and how many times daily makes a world of difference in helping…

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National Canine Weight Check Lets You See How Healthy Your Dog Is

The annual initiative was created to raise awareness of the dangers of pet obesity. National Canine Weight Check is an initiative that occurs each year in February. It encourages pet owners to take a stand against pet obesity by finding out how much their dogs weigh. Even a small amount of excess weight can negatively…

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How to Safely Put Your Pet on a Diet

how many calories does my dog need daily

Like humans, obesity causes a myriad of health problems for pets. Pet obesity is a solemn matter that needs to be addressed more often. Men and women don’t fault their pets for being overweight because they love them and want them to be happy. They don’t always see an extra treat or helping of food…

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