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What is Causing Your Pet’s Skin Issues?

Get to the root of their symptoms so you can eliminate the problem for good. Skin issues in pets can be caused by many different things. That’s why it’s important to take note of your dog or cat’s issue just as soon as it appears on their skin. You’ll have ample time to treat it…

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Diabetes in Dogs and How to Care For Them

dogs with diabetes

What do you do when your dog with diabetes requires constant monitoring? Like humans, dogs can be insulin-dependent diabetics due to their body’s failure to create or respond to the hormone on its own. If your dog  has been diagnosed with diabetes, monitoring their blood glucose levels at home may be your best method of…

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Travel Essentials for Small Dog Breeds  

Pamper your pooch after a long day of traveling. If you plan on traveling this summer, it may make sense to bring your dog along with you. Doing so allows for greater freedom as you don’t need to worry about what is going on at home with your pet and his or her caregiver. Instead,…

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How to Care for a Special Needs Pet

Some animals need to be closely monitored because they aren’t like other dogs and cats. What Is a Special Needs Pet? Animals that have chronic or fatal illnesses, injuries or paralysis, and incontinence problems due to old age are often deemed “special needs”. They’re the dogs and cats that shelters have problems adopting out because…

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How To Help Your Overweight Pet Lose Weight Safely

Here is how you can help your overweight pet drop pounds safely. Pet obesity is a phenomenon in the United States that commands attention. It shortens the life of dogs and cats and causes a myriad of costly and painful health conditions along the way. If you’re new to having pets and aren’t sure if…

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What You Need to Know to Help Save Your Pet’s Life

The American Red Cross not only offers lifesaving classes for human beings, it also provides online classes that help save dogs and cats. Knowing how to detect changes in your pet’s personality or behavior can help them receive the diagnosis they need to get better. Many animals do not show signs of illness even when…

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What to Do If the Pet Food You’re Using is Recalled

Take the necessary steps to protect your dogs and cats against illness. A hot topic today is pet food product recalls. They occur regularly and are voluntary or involuntary depending on the industry’s desire to right a wrong. Three different types of recalls exist according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They include “actions…

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4 Ways the Petrics App Helps Busy Pet Parents Save Time

Get more done in less time while keeping your pet safe and illness-free. Time is something that most people have a shortage of. They’ve got plenty of obligations to tend to but few opportunities to add anything else to their already overflowing schedule. If your personal and professional lives have you running non-stop, you’ve probably…

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How to Avoid Feeding Your Dog or Cat the Wrong Things

Protect your pet’s health with careful research. Some foods and substances are lethal to pets. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of what you’re feeding your dog and cat. Costly medical mistakes can be avoided by refraining from giving the animals foods they shouldn’t be eating. Identifying potential problems within the home allows…

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Is Your Pet Healthy Enough for Travel?

Before taking a trip, schedule a visit to the vet. If you love to travel but hate the idea of leaving your pet at home under the care of another person, take the dog or cat with you. Traveling isn’t as stress-free for animals as it is for humans, though, so it’s important to make…

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How to Promote Longevity in Your Pets

The habits that you settle into can help your dog and cat live longer. When you get a new pet, your first goal is to help them settle into the home so they’re comfortable. You introduce them to other members of your family, make sure that they have a place to sleep, their own food…

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Which Vitamins and Nutrients Do Dogs and Cats Need?

These are the things that are essential to your pet’s good health and longevity. For your dog and cat to live a long, healthy life, they must get adequate nutrition from the foods they eat. Knowing how much food to feed your pet and how many times daily makes a world of difference in helping…

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How to Find Up-to-Date Information About Pet Food Recalls

Know what types of threats exist for your pets whenever they occur. The latest pet food recalls have caused quite a scare in the United States. The first was issued after a tranquilizer used to euthanize pets was found in dog food. The second recall was announced after two kittens died of salmonella. Some of…

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5 Steps to Take When Your Pet is Not Feeling Well

Your quick thinking can help prevent permanent damage to your dog or cat’s health. If your pet isn’t acting like his or her normal self, they could be ill. Some symptoms are hard to detect. Others such as vomiting speak for themselves. Knowing how to proceed in taking care of a sick animal is a…

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National Canine Weight Check Lets You See How Healthy Your Dog Is

The annual initiative was created to raise awareness of the dangers of pet obesity. National Canine Weight Check is an initiative that occurs each year in February. It encourages pet owners to take a stand against pet obesity by finding out how much their dogs weigh. Even a small amount of excess weight can negatively…

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What to Do About a Pet That Sheds

Keeping your clothing and furniture fur-free isn’t an impossibility! Some breeds of dogs and cats shed a lot. Other animals may experience hair loss due to a medical disorder. One of the culprits that cause pets to shed is food-related allergies. Your pet may have a sensitivity to the food that you’re feeding him or…

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Ways to Tactfully Tell Others Not to Feed Your Pets

average cat weight

Not everyone possesses the knowledge you have about your dogs’ and cats’ health and lifestyle. That’s why it’s important for you to express concern at the beginning of a relative or friend’s visit about them feeding your pets. By doing it gently and tactfully, you avoid emergency vet visits and the heartache that sometimes comes…

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How to Choose the Right Veterinarian for Your Multi-Pet Household

how to find a reliable vet

The person you choose to care for your pets medically plays an important role in your life. Without their knowledge, skills, and expertise, you’re not able to care for your dogs and cats in a way that promotes good health, safety, and longevity. Regular checkups serve as preventative medicine against disease and disorders that could…

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3 Things That You’re Doing to Make Your Pet Fat

overweight pets

It’s not intentional but it is packing on the pounds on your pet. Your pet may or may not have a problem with obesity. If he or she seems to be heading that way because they are packing on too much weight quickly, you may be the reason why it’s happening. Although your actions may…

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How to Safely Put Your Pet on a Diet

how many calories does my dog need daily

Like humans, obesity causes a myriad of health problems for pets. Pet obesity is a solemn matter that needs to be addressed more often. Men and women don’t fault their pets for being overweight because they love them and want them to be happy. They don’t always see an extra treat or helping of food…

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How to Incorporate More Pet Exercise Into Your Schedule in 2018

how long should you walk your dog

With a new year comes a list of ways to improve your experience. What if you made 2018’s resolutions for you and your pet? Instead of working out by yourself, you’ll have a constant companion by your side, urging you to meet your fitness goals! Finding ways to be more physically active with your dog…

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