We care about your pet’s health – and about you

That’s what led to our creating of a tech platform that you can access from your computer or your mobile device. This makes it easier for you make sure your pet has a managed diet, is staying healthy, has scheduled reminders for important things like vet visits and vaccinations, and can alert you of health issues ASAP before they escalate to more serious conditions.

The idea behind our platform

We do everything we do because we want you to be able to love your pet longer. That means keeping them healthy – which may start with the right food at the right time, but goes well beyond. Here are our first three ideas:


Healthy Weight

90% of pet owners do not know their pet is overweight or obese. Average pet owners are not veterinarians or nutritionists, and that’s why our Petrics’ feeding system is designed to make it easy for you to ensure you’re feeding your pet the right amount of food, at the right times of day to maintain your pets’ optimal diet and health.


Avoid GVD

Very large dogs are susceptible to GVD, which is a condition commonly caused by eating too much, too fast. Even with corrective surgery, this disease kills 33%. It can be simple to keep your dog from getting this. Petrics’ feeding system offers automatic feeding to provide more smaller servings per day, reducing the risk of GDV.


Stay Healthy

The Petrics app helps track and monitor your pets’ health and behavior, when the next veterinarian visit is due, and expert tips to keep your pet healthy. Plus, you can get reports to share with your vet, so they have better insight into your “extended family member’s” health. It’s like having your own pet expert at your finger tips.

What does Petrics do?

We help you keep your pet healthy – with tools that are elegant and easy to use. It’s a very cool three-part system that includes a feeder and bowl, a wireless collar device, and a really handy app.

Our Bowl

It starts with the bowl and the feeder, which will only open up when the tag from the assigned pet comes near, preventing pets from eating each other’s food.

Petrics Tag

This is pretty cool. It’ll attach to your pet’s collar, just like their name tag. But this one has wireless communication built in, granting access to that pet’s bowl.

Our App

Have total control over how much and when your pet has access to their food. Use the app to set up feeding times, to monitor upcoming vet visits, and receive healthy tips specifically for your pets.