Smartphone Apps That Every Pet Owner Should Use Regularly

If you’re the type of person that can’t go anywhere without your smartphone, you’ll love what it can do for you as a pet owner. You see, apps add value to your life, make quick work of difficult tasks, and help you provide the best possible care you can for your dogs and cats. They’re easy to use, affordable, and a real asset for animal lovers.

Here are some smartphone apps that every pet owner should use regularly:

  1. Petrics. Give your pets the best possible care you can by monitoring their nutrition and overall health. Our new app is on the verge of being released to the public and we want you to be the first person you know to have it. It helps you identify foods with the healthiest ingredients for your unique pet. You can also schedule reminders for vet visits, administering medication, and flea & tick application. Signing up for on our website helps you know when our app is ready to be downloaded.
  2. Pet First Aid American Red Cross. If your pet suffered a medical emergency, would you be able to assist them until you could get to the vet? Downloading this app gives you access to first aid information as it applies to dogs and cats. It also gives you an idea how close the nearest animal hospital is distance-wise so you can get your pet the help they need right away.
  3. Map My Dog Walk. This dog walking app uses built in GPS technology and allows you to track how far you’ve walked with your dog. You can choose the distance you want to walk by seeing locations and interactive maps in your area, too. Monitoring your pet’s fitness is another step towards ensuring good health. With this fun app, you can let it run in the background as you and your furry friend complete a couple of miles of good physical exercise.
  4. Walk for a Dog. Donate to your favorite charity simply by walking your dogs. You can add your pets to your profile and log how long you walked with each. Every time you’re physically active with your dogs, you have a chance to donate to charity. You can pick one that helps animals and makes a bold statement about what you stand for as a person and pet parent.
  5. DogVacay. Rather than take your dog to the kennel when you go out of town, why not let them spend time away from you in style? DogVacay is called the “Airbnb of the Pet World”. Sitters can send photos of your pet and even arrange to take them to the vet for you. These things are very important if you’re not able to travel with your pet as much as you’d like.

If you use your smartphone a lot, it will serve as a handy tool for keeping your pet healthy and safe. The apps listed above are perfect for animal lovers. They’re easy to download and use, too, making them a valuable resource to refer to again and again.

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