The habits that you settle into can help your dog and cat live longer.

When you get a new pet, your first goal is to help them settle into the home so they’re comfortable. You introduce them to other members of your family, make sure that they have a place to sleep, their own food and water bowls, and plenty of toys to play with. You want them to settle into your home with great ease because you know how stressful it can be for them to exchange one dwelling for another.

Once the dog or cat feel right at home, you start concerning yourself with their physical health and overall well-being. You fuss over what you feed them, how much exercise they’re getting, and who will take care of them when you’re away for a few days. What this shows is that your pet is a cherished member of your family who you want to love and enjoy for a long time. That’s why you schedule extra veterinary appointments and take lots of pictures to share of your fur baby.

There are additional things you can do to promote longevity in your pet. The following suggestions can help you adopt new practices and act wherever you haven’t in your daily routine. The result is fewer instances of weight-related disease, healthier bones and joints, and a longer, sweeter life with your dog or cat.

Be mindful about when, what, and how much you feed your pet.

Pet obesity robs dogs and cats of a long, healthy life. Knowing how much your breed of pet should weigh and putting them on the scale between visits to the veterinarian helps. It gives you an idea of how much weight they’ve gained and how quickly they put on the extra pounds.

Encourage the dog or cat to be physically and mentally active.

Exercise your pet indoors and outdoors. Give them mental stimulation by teaching them new commands, playing games, and providing the dog and cat with lots of love and affection. Pets are receptive to one-on-one time and you’ll quickly discover the bond you forged with them is unbreakable.

Pay close attention to pet food recalls.

Know what is going on in the pet food industry. It’s important to check the Petrics app regularly for specific information about recalls and the ingredients that make up the foods and treats you feed your dog and cat. That way, you can discontinue feeding them a certain brand until after the recall has been lifted and the products are deemed safe once again.

Promote longevity in your pets by being knowledgeable about health issues.

You can promote longevity in your pets with the choices that you make. If you have questions about which types of food to feed your furry friends and how much to give them based on their weight and age, you’re not alone. You’ll find the answers to “How much canned food to feed a dog?” or “What can cats eat besides cat food?” in our blogs often. The more informed you are about your pet’s health, the better able you are to help them live a long, healthy life.

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