We all want to love our pets longer

When you get a group of people together who really love pets, there is great empathy for someone who has a pet with a life threatening illness.

How We Got Started

My Mom has 3 Cats and a Dog…

Hi, I’m Edward Hall, and this is the story of my mother and her exhaustive attempts to feed four pets. Busy people, especially those who work, tend to feed their pets twice a day. It works great if you have one pet, but add the nuance of individual pet needs to the mix and it can be a nightmare.

No matter what mom did, she’d end up with one cat that didn’t get enough to eat, one that got just what he needed, and one roly-poly cat that figured out how to game the system and ate everything. IF, that is, she could get to it before the dog arrived and ate all the leftovers.

This was inconvenient at best, as mom had to monitor everything. It took just too much time out of her life. The bigger concern? Roly-poly was getting fat…clinically obese. She’s in good company… more than 53% of American cats and dogs are obese, and of those, 90% of their owners didn’t even know.

The Petrics Approach

Our Vision: To empower a world where pets live full and healthy lives because their owners are more knowledgeable about their health and safety.

It Drives Everything We Do.

To help you help your pet live longer, we have developed a patent-pending pet healthcare technology platform that is easy to use and elegant in its simplicity.

We developed our technology with a group of talented and passionate people, who applied research and analytics supplied by experts in nutrition, behavior, and animal sciences in order to create the most elegant, sophisticated, and accurate pet health products in the market.