Our Solution

pet health ecosystem

Our system is incredibly intuitive. Pets wear the durable, low profile Activity Tracker on any collar while activity levels, rest periods and weight information is stored in the customized Petrics Health & Nutrition App, which is also the control center for all connected products in the ecosystem. Each pet’s unique data will reference breed, age, weight and other critical characteristics so pet parents have an automated system that can raise the red flag, so they can react to health issues quicker, minimizing unnecessary medical costs and providing a longer, happier, healthier life for their pet.

The Petrics ecosystem creates a safe, comfortable environment for pets. We have developed the world’s first Smart Pet Bed with Climate Control and Built-In Scale, providing critical weight data and setting the optimal conductive temperature for pets based on their age, breed, climate, existing medical condition and other important factors. The Smart Pet Bed provides additional health benefits to geriatric pets that need warmth for their bones and joints, while cooling more active pets or those recovering from injury, helping their muscles recuperate faster so they can quickly get back to spending quality time with their pet parents.

Ecosystem Overview

pet health nutrition app
Petrics Health & Nutrition Application

We give you the access you need to make the most informed decisions for your pets’ individual health needs.

Petrics has developed the first cat and dog diet and nutrition recommendation engine that offers healthier food options for each unique pet. Our Health & Nutrition App can recommend the best foods and treats based on each pet’s personalized needs like breed-specific health risks, age, activity levels and pre-existing medical conditions right through any popular computer, mobile device or connected home product. Compiled and validated by industry experts, the App offers a breakdown of thousands of foods and ingredients so pet owners can identify the best possible food options through our informative rating system. To further ensure the best food and treat options, we have partnered with Affordable Allergy Test to help identify food intolerances that may impact the health of your pet, allowing pet parents to exclude harmful ingredients.

Product Features
  • Manage custom pet profiles
  • Advanced nutrition planning
  • Food recommendation engine (pat pend)
  • Thousands of foods and ingredients in database
  • Procured and validated by pet health professionals
  • Exclusive food intolerance testing option
  • Test results let you fine-tune foods in app
  • Access food and treat recall alerts
  • Set vet appointment and medication reminders
  • Control all connected Petrics products
pet activity tracker
activity tracker dog
Petrics Activity Tracker

Tracks your pet's activity data and sends it to the App for customized dietary planning.

The wearable activity tracker syncs easily with your mobile device so your pet’s activity data is always at your fingertips. The Activity Tracker is not only one of the smallest pet collar communication devices available, but it utilizes an unprecedented 4+ month battery life, preventing the need for constant charging every 1-2 weeks like other trackers on the market. Our Activity Tracker is also ideal for energetic pets, offering superior durability with its high strength rubber construction. Fully submersible IPX7 certification means the Activity Tracker is deemed waterproof and ideal for pets that love the ocean, lake or pool. The Activity Tracker will attach to any pet collar, from that worn by a small kitten to the largest of dogs. Its industrial-strength Velcro® enclosure makes it fast, easy and hassle-free.

Product Features
  • Low profile design for dogs and cats
  • Waterproof - IPX7 Certified, submersible up to 1 Meter
  • Durable rubber construction
  • Replaceable 4+ month battery life
  • Indentifies proper pet in multi-pet households
  • Universal fit, easily attaches to any collar
  • Tracks data from all Petrics products
smart pet bed
dog cat sizing
Petrics Smart Pet Bed

World's first Smart Pet Bed with Climate Control and Built-In Scale manges and tracks your pet's health and comfort.

The patented Petrics Smart Pet Bed melds technology and functionality with a modern, high quality look and feel that fits perfectly in today’s tech-friendly homes. The durable design ensures product longevity while the comfortable, padded cushion is machine washable and replaceable to maximize a clean, long-lasting, healthy environment for any pet. Available in 3 sizes, the Petrics Smart Pet Bed satisfies small, medium and large cats and dogs.

The Petrics Smart Pet Bed is the first to offer thermostatic heating and cooling, allowing the user to automatically or manually adjust to the ideal temperature for each unique pet, based on breed, environment or geographic location. Manual adjustment may be done through the Petrics Health & Nutrition App or commands to popular smart home products.

Product Features
  • Built-In scale tracks weight fluctuations
  • Thermostatic heating and cooling
  • Washable and replaceable cover
  • Durable construction with sturdy bolster
  • Exclusive patented design
  • Comfortable, replaceable foam padding
  • Controlled by the Petrics Health & Nutrition App
  • Syncs with popular mobile devices and smart home products for added convenience