The annual initiative was created to raise awareness of the dangers of pet obesity.

National Canine Weight Check is an initiative that occurs each year in February. It encourages pet owners to take a stand against pet obesity by finding out how much their dogs weigh. Even a small amount of excess weight can negatively impact your pet’s health.

That’s why it’s important to monitor how much your dog weighs and how much you’re feeding him or her daily. It encourages your pet to have good eating habits and alerts you to problems caused by obesity. Being aware of how excess weight affects your pet ensures that you’re making the best decisions concerning the foods you choose to feed them and the time of day your dog eats.

There are many things you should do to ensure your pet’s safety, health, and longevity.

Make sure that your pup stays hydrated.

Your dog will need access to fresh water regularly, especially on hot days. Fill their bowl often. You can even put a big block of ice in the middle of the dish for your dog to lick on when the temperatures rise.

Keep him or her free of fleas.

Use natural treatments whenever possible to get rid of fleas. Dawn Dishwashing Liquid is well-known for being a successful flea-killer. A small amount is all that is needed to address a flea problem on your dog.

Give them plenty of exercise and outdoor time.

Walk your dog daily and play outside whenever you get the chance because your dog needs fresh air, too. Take your pet to the dog park so he or she can run off their excess energy. They’ll sleep better at night because you were thoughtful enough to give them plenty of exercise throughout the day.

Keep food bowls clean.

Prevention suggests using PAM Cooking Spray to coat the inside of a clean bowl to keep moist dog food from sticking. The oil won’t hurt your pet and may even help his or her coat to be shinier. It’s one way to keep you from having to scrub dried-on dog food off the side of a bowl.

Prevent overeating in pets by keeping track of feeding schedules.

The Petrics makes the process easier by allowing you to access this information from the convenience of your phone. You can use the scheduling feature for vet appointments and administering medication, too. The app is great for looking up ingredients in the dog food you feed your pet and also to learn about recalls put out by pet food manufacturers.

Participating in annual initiatives such as the National Canine Weight Check and using an app such as Petrics helps you remain aware of the health concerns your pet faces when he or she is overweight. Use the tools and resources you have available and when in doubt, seek the advice of your dog’s veterinarian on ways to safely put your pet on a diet. The animal doctor has years of experience and a vast knowledge base which makes them the best source of information concerning your pet and dieting.

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