With a new year comes a list of ways to improve your experience. What if you made 2018’s resolutions for you and your pet? Instead of working out by yourself, you’ll have a constant companion by your side, urging you to meet your fitness goals! Finding ways to be more physically active with your dog and cat actually helps you meet your fitness goals faster. It’s a win-win for you and your furry friend.

If you’ve noticed that your pet is getting pudgy, and you’ve wondered “How much canned food can I feed my dog a day?”, it’s time to increase the amount of physical activity your dog is getting. The same principle can be applied to your cat’s daily routine, too, by increasing the amount of play they engage in.

Here are some ways to incorporate more exercise into you and your pet’s schedule in 2018:

  • Get out and walk. Among the easiest options available is walking with your dog. Like you, your pet needs regular exercise to stay healthy and fit. Make it part of your daily routine to get a good walk in before or after work. Try visiting areas of the city that you haven’t been to before for a change of pace. If you’re fortunate enough to live in a city with multiple walking trails, switch up your routine to make it more interesting for you and your pet.
  • Go outdoors with your dog. Instead of opening the front or back door when your dog wants to go outside, join them. Carry a ball, frisbee or other toy and spend time running, chasing, and tossing the item around. Your pet loves interacting with you and there is no better way to get a few more minutes of exercise than through mindful play with your furry friend.
  • Visit the dog park. Schedule playtime with other pets and pet owners. Spend time moving while your dogs frolic and play. You can easily carry on a conversation with your friend while you walk around the perimeter of the park. Just make sure to keep an eye on your pet if the park is leash-free. You don’t want to put them at risk because you weren’t paying attention to what was going on around you.
  • Engage in a game of hide and seek with your cat. Your feline has predatory instincts. That’s why you see cats jumping on things and batting them around. You can make playtime even more fun for your pet by engaging with their toys, too. Grab a plastic ball or catnip-filled mouse and place it in a location where your cat will have to search to find it. If you have a cat tree, stretch your body to place it at its highest point. Then, watch your cat search for it. Retrieve the toy again and bend to put it down on the floor in a hidden spot. As your cat climbs, stoops, and reaches, you stretch and bend. It’s body conditioning without much thought which is great!

Get ready to have some fun in the new year. You and your pet benefit from an increase in physical activity. Not only does it get you and your dog or cat exercising, it also gives you an excuse to socialize with other people in your neighborhood and community.

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