What Human Foods Can Cats Eat?

If you want to know the answer to the question “What human foods can cats eat,” you’re not alone. Many people have no idea what they can feed their pets. So, they either give them something they shouldn’t feed them or don’t give them the right amount of nutrition at all. You see, cats are finicky eaters unlike dogs who will eat virtually anything that is around them.

Cats Have Sensitive Stomachs

Felines have very sensitive digestive systems which is why you need to use caution if you do decide to give your pet human food. Even if it isn’t known to be harmful to cats, it may still be distressing on your cats stomach.

Milk and Dairy Isn’t Meant for Older Felines

Take milk and dairy products for example. Cats should not be given them to drink or eat. Only kittens drink milk and once they’re weaned, they won’t be used to drinking it.

Human Foods You Can Share in Moderation

Some of the things your cat can eat in moderation include cooked meats and lean deli slices, cooked eggs, fish, whole grains, and vegetables. You’ll want to avoid giving these items to your pet on a regular basis. Instead, feed them these items as a rare treat.

Prevent Pet Obesity by Monitoring Your Cat’s Eating Habits

Don’t get in the habit of feeding your cat human foods. By avoiding doing it altogether, you’re able to keep your cat in better shape and avoid obesity. If your cat is overweight, it could shorten his or her lifespan dramatically.

Pet obesity is a serious problem in the United States. A reported 53% of pets are overweight or obese. This can shorten their lives by 2.5 years or more.

Knowing how much to feed your pet and what types of foods are safe and nutritionally sound can help you prevent this problem in your own cat. With the help of Petrics, this will be easier to do in the future. We’re launching a Kickstarter campaign at the end of the month with the mission to fund our new app.

It will tell you exactly which ingredients are safe for your pet to consume and even when products have been recalled. You’ll have access to important health information about your pet and you won’t even have to go to the computer to get it. You can travel with the info and keep your cat safe wherever you go.

Keep your Pet’s Health at the Tip of your Fingers

Good habits take time to build- make it easier on yourself by downloading the Petrics App, available November 30th. In addition to launching the pet health app, Petrics will feature their new smart pet bed with climate control and companion activity tracking via INDIEGOGO- a system which is the first of its kind. Be sure to mark your calendar for this exciting development! Your cat’s health will benefit from your diligence.


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