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5 Feline-Friendly Hotels That Allow Cats

5 Feline-Friendly Hotels That Allow Cats

Do you have travel plans that include your cat? You’re in luck. We’ve identified five hotels that allow cats. So you can book a pet-friendly room and know that you’ll be able to relax upon arrival. 

Keep reading to learn how to prepare for staying in a hotel with your cat. You can make life easier for you, your cat, and the hotel staff with a few considerations.

Let’s go!

Is Traveling With a Cat Easy? 

Traveling with a cat can be easy, but it largely depends on your cat’s personality. Finding a cat-friendly hotel is one thing, but your means of travel to get there is another. 

If you’re on a road trip, do some test drives to know how your cat will behave in the vehicle. Perhaps you want to consider a cat car seat or carrier. Some cats do fine being loose in the car, but knowing that before you depart is smart. The last thing you want is to be distracted while driving because your cat is running wild and making a mess in the car. 

Air travel with a cat can also be easy. Airlines require cats to be in a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved carrier. And they must stay in it under the seat in front of you for the entire flight. So, getting your pet comfortable with the carrier before travel will be essential. Help your cat feel safe and comfortable so they can snuggle up and sleep throughout the journey. 

What Are Some Things to Consider When Staying in a Cat-Friendly Hotel? 

Hotel stays with a cat can be easy. But there are some things to consider when in hotels that allow cats. Take a look at these four ways to prep for your accommodations.

Keep Your Cat Calm and in the Room

Hotels that allow cats are friendly, but they also have rules. While specific policies differ across hotel brands, requiring cats to stay in your booked room is a common thread. Be sure not to let your cat escape or wander the hallways. And when you’re transporting it from your car to the room, carry your cat in a carrier to ensure it doesn’t escape you. 

It’s also courteous to keep your cat calm during your stay. Unfortunately, if your fur baby suffers from separation anxiety, this may mean never leaving it in the room. Some hotels prohibit pets from being left unattended. Plus, they might get a little stressed being alone in a new place.

To keep your cat calm, bring toys and familiar items from home. Keeping your anxiety to a minimum can help too.

Know Before You Go: Will your cat panic if left in a dark hotel room?

hotels that allow cats
Keep the door to your cat’s carrier open in the hotel room if they want to run to it for security.

Give Your Cat Treats and Positive Reinforcement

Treats and positive reinforcement are excellent ways to keep your cat quiet and at ease in a hotel. Try to make the experience seem like just another day instead of a strange situation in an unfamiliar place. 

Also, stick to your cat’s meal times the same as you would at home. A routine will help your cat travel better and, therefore, will make your trip easier. Ultimately, as long as your cat has you by its side, all should go well.

Bring a Litter Box and Make Sure Your Cat Uses It

Don’t forget the litter box when packing for your trip. Take your cat’s litter box from home or purchase a portable travel litter box to travel with. Be sure to set up the litter box in the hotel room and show your cat where it is right away. Don’t risk your cat peeing or pooping on the floor or furniture. As a precaution, keep a close eye on it throughout your stay.

cat-friendly hotel
Remember to set up your cat’s litter box as soon as you get in the hotel room.

Clean Up Before Leaving

Our motto is, leave a place better than you found it. This is especially true when traveling with pets. Clean up any litter, food, or other messes that may have fallen on the floor. And do your best to dispose of any cat fur clumped on furniture or the carpet. 

It may be slightly tricky to do without a vacuum, but try to make the room look as good as possible before you leave. Think of how you would want the room to look after guests leave if you were the housekeeping person.

5 Feline-Friendly Hotels That Allow Cats

Now that you’re ready to travel with your cat let’s look at five hotels that allow them. We look at their pet policy and any associated fees.

1. Best Western 

Best Western® is a well-known hotel chain that has approximately 4,700 locations around the world. They have over 1,200 pet-friendly hotels in North America and 2,100 worldwide. 

The massive company offers points for stays, and you’ll find various activities and accommodations at its hotels and resorts.

Cat Policy: While dogs are welcome at most of their pet-friendly hotels, cats are allowed at the discretion of each property and require approval. Best Western suggests you call the hotel directly to book and ask for any pet-specific inquiries.

Cat Fees: Charges are typically up to $30 per day for each room or a maximum charge of $150 per week. A refundable damage deposit of up to $150 per stay is also required.

2. Drury Hotels

Drury Hotels allows dogs and cats at all its location which the state and local laws permit. State laws for service animals apply, and they stay free of charge. The hotel chain has over 150 locations in 26 states. 

Drury Hotels offer excellent accommodations and amenities, such as complimentary breakfast, afternoon snacks, free WiFi, fitness centers, and pools. 

Cat Policy: Only two cats or dogs are allowed per room. You can’t bring them into any public areas of the hotel, and they must be leashed or in a pet carrier when transported from the outdoors to your guest room. In addition, they may not be left unattended at any time. 

Cat Fees: There’s a daily pet fee of $40 per room plus tax to bring your cat. 

hotels that allow cats
Most cat-friendly hotels require you never to leave your pet unattended in the room.

3. Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts owns several hotel brands, including Super 8, Days Inn, Ramada, La Quinta, Howard Johnson, Travelodge, AmericInn, Wyndham Garden, Baymont, and more. Several of their hotels offer pet-friendly options. You can filter properties for pets allowed on their website. 

La Quinta is one of the most popular brands that allows pets in the Wyndham lineup. They have the most options for dog and cat-friendly designated rooms. 

Cat Policy: Only two cats or dogs can be in a room at La Quinta hotels. They must be leashed or in a carrier when you take them outside to your room. You must provide a litter box for cats and clean up after them. Additionally, you’ll need to schedule a time for housekeeping, as you and your pet will need to be out of the room for cleaning.

Cat Fees: There’s an optional pet fee at check-in at the hotel’s discretion. Charges are typically $25 per night, with a maximum of $75 per room per stay.

4. Extended Stay America

Extended Stay America is a cat-friendly hotel chain. You’ll also find amenities such as free WiFi and fully equipped kitchens in their rooms. 

Extended Stay America offers long-term stay accommodations. They also have a reward system so that you can get more deals and save the longer you stay.

Cat Policy: Up to two pets can be in each suite at Extended Stay America participating hotels. 

Cat Fees: There is a $25 per day per pet (plus tax) and a non-refundable cleaning fee for the first six nights. Each day after is a $10 per pet plus tax non-refundable fee. Service animals stay for free.

5. Hilton

Hilton is an international hotel brand that allows cats in over 5,000 locations across the U.S. and Canada. The Hilton brand offers exceptional hospitality, and that goes for your pets too. 

It currently has over 7,000 hotels worldwide. And it includes landmark destinations such as the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

Cat Policy: While policies may differ depending on the hotel, dogs and cats up to 75 pounds are generally allowed. They must be on a leash or carrier from outdoors to your guest room. 

Cat Fees: Fees also vary by hotel, but on average, you’ll pay $50 per stay for pets.

traveling with cats
Traveling with your cat is easy with several cat-friendly hotels throughout the world.

Easily Find a Cat-Friendly Hotel When Traveling 

Hotels that allow cats to stay are more prevalent than ever before. We hope you use one of the options on our list for your next trip with your feline friend. Knowing there’s a designated place you can go with your pet makes travel planning much more manageable.

Are you ready to travel with your cat?

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