A little preparation goes a long way in safeguarding you and your pet’s lives.

How to Help Your Pet in an Extreme Weather Emergency

Life doesn’t always prepare you for the things that come your way. That’s why you need to be aware of the different unpleasant situations that arise occasionally so you can come up with a game plan to address issues as they transpire. Weather is one of the things you cannot control but something that you can prepare for rather easily in advance. By creating first aid kits and emergency bags for you, your family, and your pets, you ensure that everyone you love is safe from harm when a bad storm comes your way.

Here are some of the ways you can prepare your pet for an extreme weather emergency:

Create an emergency plan that addresses your dog or cat’s unique needs.

Every member of your family should be aware of what to do with your pet in an emergency. That way, if you’re separated due to work or school, you can reunite quickly and evacuate if needed.

Prepare a first aid kit and bug-out bag for your pet.

Keep medical supplies, extra medication, pop-up food bowls and water dishes, food, bottled water, an extra collar, and a leash inside the bag. In the event that you have only seconds to spare, you can grab the bag and your pet and go.

Stay on top of medication refills.

You never want to be without life saving medications for your pet. Set up reminders on your phone to alert you to when you need to call in a refill.

Update contact information on tags and in microchip databases.

Make sure your name, current address, and phone number are on file so that you can be reached easily. If there is an option to add an emergency contact number of someone other than you, make sure to add it to the database and tag.

Make a file containing details about your pet’s medical history, list of medications, dietary needs, identifying marks, and current photographs.

Keep the information in a waterproof file inside your own bug out bag. It will be easily accessible that way. Some people may argue that storing information on your phone is just as effective but it’s not if you lose power and have no way to charge your phone’s battery.

Have a point of contact that can be reached if you cannot.

This person should live in another area of the country and be easy to communicate with. That way, if your pet does get separated from you, they’ll be able to contact you once the animal is found. Ask a relative or close friend for permission to add them as an emergency contact and keep all information updated with the name and phone number of the person you’ve chosen.

If you have time to prepare in advance, consider yourself lucky. Sometimes, weather emergencies give you little to no notice. By thinking ahead and having the right supplies on hand, you can keep yourself and your pets safe with greater ease. Downloading the Petrics app onto your phone and using its many features helps you and your dog or cat maintain a sense of normalcy by maintaining a schedule during times of severe threat.

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