Make acclimating to a new human easier for your dog and cat.

How to Help Your Dog or Cat Get Used to Your New Baby

So, you’ve got a new baby to bring home from the hospital, and you want to make sure that everyone in your household, especially your pets, adapt to the situation smoothly. What do you do? How do you help your dog or cat understand that they have a new family member?

Less Stress by Creating a Harmonious Home for All

The following advice will make it less stressful for everyone involved. After all, you want your pets to feel safe and loved in the presence of your newborn. You don’t want your dog or cat to act aggressively because they’re competing for your attention.

Introduce the baby’s scent to your dog.

It’s important that you bring home something with your baby’s scent on it so your pet can get used to the smell before bringing the newborn home to live. An article of clothing works well because it’s something that you can hold up and get your dog interested in. By allowing them to approach the onesie or bib at a distance, you control the situation by declaring, “This is mine, and I’ll let you check it out.”

Set boundaries early on.

Make the nursery a place that your pet respects. Call it off limits. If you see your dog or cat start to enter it, usher them out. After some time has passed, they can explore different areas with supervision. If they start to get too curious or aggressive, remove them from the space. Let them know that you call the shots and the room is not theirs to claim as their own.

Be careful how you introduce your pet to your baby.

Take your dog on a walk and allow them to burn off excess energy. That way, they’ll be submissive when they reenter the home. Give them a second to acclimate to the smell of your baby. They’ve already been introduced to it, so it won’t be completely unfamiliar with the scent. Keep the child a safe distance away from the dog and allow them to get closer to the infant after a few weeks has passed.

Give your pet some extra TLC.

Just like an older sibling, pets often crave attention because they feel like the baby is the star of the show. Talk to your dog and cat in reassuring ways. Give them new toys to play with.  Try to make things as normal as possible for them so that they aren’t shocked by all the changes they’re experiencing. Before you know it, they’ll be so used to the baby being around that they’re no longer curious about them.

Make the Petrics App Your Go-To Tool of Choice Going Forward

Keeping your pet’s normal routine is essential during this critical time of adjustment. Setting up reminders through the Petrics app helps you remember feeding schedules, vet appointments, and times to administer medications. It puts less of a demand on your time and memory, too, now that you have another family member to tend to in addition to your pets.

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