Keep Fluffy fit and healthy for all of the days of their life.

Cats are finicky creatures with their own agendas. Unlike dogs, they don’t need to be constantly underfoot or engaged. They do, however, require specific things in order to thrive including a healthy diet of nutritious cat food, water, a place to sleep, a litter box, and toys. Even though the last item on the list may not interest them as much as you first hoped, it’s an important part of a cat’s growth and development to engage in play and to move their bodies in meaningful ways.

Here are five ways to get your cat to be more active this year:.

Clear ledges, windowsills, and invest in cat trees and cat mazes.

That way, your kitty has their own places to explore. You won’t worry about them knocking over houseplants or priceless heirlooms. Instead, you’ll have given them a reason to run, jump, sit, stretch, reach, and climb. Choose the best quality cat furniture there is so that it lasts a long time. Then prepare yourself to spot your pet perched on top of the cat tree once you’ve come home from work. It’s instinctive for them to find the highest branch or platform to sit on.

Buy a variety of cat toys and rotate them out every few weeks.

That way, your pet’s interest in them doesn’t wane. You’ll have something new and exciting for them to play with repeatedly throughout the year. Your pet will not grow tired of pouncing, fetching or batting their toys around because you’ll introduce the item to them long enough to get them interested and then put it back up before they have a chance to lose it under the sofa or forget about it entirely.

Spend time playing and interacting with them.

The more you’re involved in the play experience, the better. That way, you can help them keep off excess weight. You’ll also be able to spot signs of weight gain or illness in them faster. Using the Petrics app, you’ll be able to understand which foods are best for your pet. Once you have an idea of the average cat weight, you’ll be able to monitor feeding times better and choose foods that promote health and discourage cat obesity.

Take your cat for a walk on a leash.

It’s not unusual to see many city dwellers walking their cats. You need a good harness and leash, that’s all. If you live in a small place that doesn’t give your pet much space to roam, take them outdoors for a walk. Make sure, of course, that your neighborhood isn’t filled with rambunctious dogs that will scare your kitty.

Purchase cat feeders that are maze-like and require the cat to work to get their food out of them.

Your pet will seldom eat to the point of making themselves sick that way. If dry cat food is what you’ve chosen to feed them, they’ll need to work to get each piece out. They’ll navigate a maze within the bowl to retrieve the pieces of food.

If your cat seems uninterested in play or has long periods of lethargy, it could indicate that they have a serious health condition. Keeping track of symptoms and reporting them to your pet’s veterinarian is highly recommended. That way, if tests need to be run and medications administered, the health problem doesn’t worsen in the process. Early detection and treatments save lives.

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