October is a spooktacular time for pets as well as their humans!

Halloween is fast approaching, and it’s an exciting time for both pets and their owners. With the promise of cooler weather, fun outdoor activities, and the opportunity for creative play, most indoor pets have a heyday being outside and soaking up attention from admirers small and large. If you want to include your pet in this year’s October 31st celebration, there are things you can do depending on their age and socialization skills. Pets who are used to being around people thrive during the holidays!

Participate in a Parade

Your good sport loves being the center of attention. There is no better way to give them what they crave than at a parade. You can be a part of the event by organizing a group of your friends or co-workers who also choose to walk the parade route with their dogs. If you’re riding in a vehicle or on a parade float, make sure that your pet is comfortable with sitting for long periods of time. You don’t want them to become startled and try to jump from the car or trailer.

Dress Them Up in Costumes

Come up with a theme for you and your pet’s costume. This is where you get to be insanely creative. Scour the internet for inspiration and get what you need to complete your signature look. Take lots of photos of you with your dog or cat. Post them to the different social media platforms and enter a contest if you feel compelled to do so.

Attend a Pet-Friendly Fall Event

Look for events in the area that are specifically geared toward animals. Bring your best buddy with you on a leash or in a pet stroller so they can enjoy the event, too. You’ll find that many of today’s businesses are pet-friendly because they realize what an important role animals play in people’s lives. If you want to make memories with your furry friend, now is the time to seize that opportunity.

Give Them a Sweet Treat

Pumpkin and sweet potatoes make excellent ingredients for homemade pet treats. Avoid pumpkin pie filling which contains spices that are not good for animals. Instead, use fresh produce when possible and canned as a last resort. Ensure that your pets don’t have allergies to either ingredient first by having them tested at the vet for food sensitivities.

Knowing if cats can eat eggs and what dog food recipes exist online helps prevent you from unintentionally harming your pets by feeding them the wrong things. The Petrics app contains a search feature that allows you to look up the ingredients that make up the different brands of pet food and treats that you give to your dogs and cats. Downloading it to your phone is as easy as visiting the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

As you can see, there are many ways to get your pet involved in October’s festivities. From participating in a parade to entering them in a local Halloween costume contest, you’ve got options. They’ll have a hauntingly good time being included in the excitement of the month. In fact, by the time October is over, you’ll want to rename the holiday to Howloween because of the all the fun you had with your pet.

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