Introduce your pet to more of the great outdoors this year, and improve your own health while you’re at it!

6 Fun Ways to Get your Dog More Active This Summer

Summer is very near, and the time you’ll spend outdoors this season with your pet increases due to the warmer weather. If you’re racking your brain for new things to do with your dog, never fear! We’ve got a few suggestions to get your summer off to a great start.

Here are six fun ways to embark on an active, healthy adventure with your pet.

Go to the pool.

Many cities open up their public pools to pooches at least once each summer. Take advantage of their generosity by bringing your dog to play. It’s a great opportunity for your pet to get some exercise and for you to meet and mingle with other pet parents.

Spend the day in the backyard.

Get outdoors to do some yard work. Take your dog with you so he or she can run off excess energy, explore, and lay in the sun. Bring a tennis ball with you so you can spend time throwing it from one end of the yard to another while your pet fetches it gleefully.

Frequent dog-friendly businesses and events in the city.

Discover which businesses and events are pet-friendly. That way, you’ll always have somewhere to go during the warmer months of the year. Keep your pet on a leash and use the opportunity to get in some extra walking. A trim waistline for you and the canine is inevitable that way.

The number of calories burned by walking varies depending on you and your dog’s weight as well as the time and speed you’re moving. If you move for at least an hour each time, you’ll start seeing any excess weight on you or your pooch melt away in a matter of no time.

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Participate in a dog-friendly 5K.

You don’t have to run a marathon. In fact, many shorter races give participants the option to walk. Sign up for one and take your dog with you. The two of you will get a great deal of exercise and may even have a new record to break the next time you race.

Wear matching t-shirts and recruit a group of family members and friends to cheer you on. Before you know it, you and your dog will be addicted to marathons. You’ll drive out of the city and state to participate in more and more of them as time goes by.

Invest in dog toys that encourage movement and exploration.

Select items that encourage critical thinking in your pet. For example, toys that allow the dog to interact with are best. You can hide balls and see where they go to retrieve them. You can ask them to bring you a specific toy and see if they choose the right option.

Encouraging physical activity in your pet allows them to burn off any excess calories they’ve consumed. It prevents them from packing on extra weight due to inactivity. If you want your dog to live a long, healthy life, bring them with you wherever you go.

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