Know what types of threats exist for your pets whenever they occur.

The latest pet food recalls have caused quite a scare in the United States. The first was issued after a tranquilizer used to euthanize pets was found in dog food. The second recall was announced after two kittens died of salmonella.

Some of the companies recalling products include Redbarn, Blue Ridge Beef, Steve’s Real Food, Tucker’s Raw Frozen Dog Food, Northwest Naturals, TruDog Pet Treats, and many Smucker brands. The pet food and treat manufacturers have removed products from retailer shelves until further notice. Avoiding buying products made by the companies involved in the recalls is advisable until warnings have been lifted and food has been deemed safe again.

Three different kinds of recalls are issued by the FDA.

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) issues three kinds of recalls including voluntary, by FDA request or by FDA order. The latter is done by statutory authority. Consumers are able to lodge a complaint against a pet food manufacturer through the FDA’s website. Animal drug side effects and problems with products can also be reported at

Symptoms attributed to pet food poisoning.

There are many symptoms that occur in dogs and cats when they’ve been poisoned by the food they’ve consumed. For example, nausea and vomiting are among the most common displays of illness. Lethargy and loss of mobility are others to watch out for.

If you notice that your pet is having a hard time keeping his or her balance after eating, they could be suffering from food poisoning. Other symptoms that happen to dogs include irregular heartbeats, kidney failure, liver damage, blood loss, neurological problems, and stomach trouble. Contact the ASPCA Animal Poison Control hotline at 1-888-426-4435 and your veterinarian immediately after noticing symptoms could save your pet’s life.

One of the features of the Petrics app is to receive recall alerts in real time.

The Petrics app allows you to set up alerts anytime there is a product recall. If the food that you’re feeding your dog or cat shows up on the list, you’ll know right away thanks to our up-to-date technology. You won’t need to wait until you get home to receive the information because the mobile application alerts you immediately as a way to keep your beloved pets safe.

Get to know what’s in the food you’re feeding to your pets.

Getting to know the ingredients that make up your pet’s food is ideal. Using our app allows you to search a database containing 17,000 ingredients so you know exactly what your pet is consuming when he or she eats. If there is an allergy to a specific ingredient or dog food type, it’s easy to detect because you have the list available to give to your pet’s veterinarian.

Staying on top of the latest news about pet food recalls is easy with the Petrics app. Downloading it to your mobile device allows you to receive alerts wherever you’re at. You can then take immediate action to make sure that your dog or cat isn’t given the food or treats in question.

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