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Here's Why It's Awesome


We are the only company to offer pet owners access to over 15,000 pet foods and information on over 17,000 ingredients. We’ve identified and categorized pet food ingredients so you can buy with confidence.


Our unique pet food App provides access to new pet food recalls and identifies existing recalls that may affect your purchasing decisions. The Petrics app also reminds you of upcoming vet appointments, when to administer or reorder pet medications, and application dates for flea and tick prevention.


The employees at Petrics are devout pet owners, just like you. We understand the importance of connecting with other pet owners who have the same interests and questions that you do. Both our App and our website allow you to connect with local groups for pet activities, get helpful advice, and take part in meaningful discussions about pet health and nutrition.


The Petrics App is core to our ecosystem, but we are doing so much more; via the app, you can easily access future Petrics products like our Climate Controlled Smart Pet Bed and Activity Tracker collar straight from your phone. These tools help identify activity and caloric burn rates, provide a feedback loop to ensure that diet, weight, and activity align, and provide the most comfortable temperature for your pet. Look for these tracking products in mid to late 2018.