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Humans Think Dogs Are Cute, Do They Feel The Same?

Humans Think Dogs Are Cute, Do They Feel The Same?

Do dogs think humans are cute? It seems they do the way they wag their tails and rub against us. But, in this article, we take a more scientific look to discover what’s really going on inside a dog’s head. 

Keep reading to find out if dogs think we’re as cute as we find them to be. We also reveal why it seems our fur babies choose a favorite person. 

Paws up, and let’s dig in!

What Do Dogs Think of Humans?

Have you ever wondered whether dogs think humans are cute? What’s going on in their brains? Sometimes it would be nice if dogs could talk and tell us exactly what they think.

Neuroimaging research provides a better understanding of their brain activity. However, it can’t know the full extent. Studies have shown that dogs do appear to care for humans and treat us like we treat them. They do this through two senses, smell and sight.


Animal behavior researchers at Emory University proved that dogs react to the scent of humans and other dogs. They can detect their owner’s odor even without the ability to see them. This is an excellent insight into a dog’s social conduct. The researchers found a pet parent’s smell stimulates a part of the dog’s brain. 


Dogs mainly recognize us by our scent but use sight to some extent. They tend to take in a human’s whole body versus specifically focusing on the face. However, research shows that dogs can differentiate between happy and angry human faces. 

So, be sure to smile at your dog often! Dogs have the ability to react to human faces and emotions, as they consider those closest to them part of their pack.

Do Dogs Think Humans Are Cute? 

While it can’t be proven if a dog thinks humans are cute based on their smell or sight, dogs’ attraction to the scent of their pet parent is evident. 

Even so, how your dog happily greets you is a sure sign of their love and affection for you. So, we think it’s just fine to believe your dog thinks, “Wow, my humans are cute!” Our pets offer us unconditional love when we care for them. So, making them feel comfortable and part of the pack goes a long way.

do dogs think humans are cute
Dogs can identify a happy versus angry face.

Can Dogs Tell If You Smile?

Dogs can identify a happy versus angry face. By those measures, a smile coincides with a happy face. You’ll likely notice that when you’re happy and smiling, your dog is often alert or wagging its tale. 

Notice how your dog reacts when you’re laughing, excited, or singing. And what if you’re angry? Your dog may cower or hide. Your fur baby is more in sync with your emotions than you may think.

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Do Dogs Choose a Favorite Person?

Dogs do choose a favorite person. It’s not because one person is better than another but based on some significant factors that your fur baby loves. 

The person who has the most control over a dog’s daily life is typically who they identify as the favorite. For example, if you’re the one who takes your dog for walks, gives the food, and is home the most, the dog will likely become your best friend. 

Dogs look for the person in their pack that is trustworthy, playful, and respects their needs. 

do dogs choose a favorite person
Dogs choose a favorite person based on who has the most control over their daily life.

Do Dogs See Humans as Alpha? 

It’s essential for dogs to see their pet parent as alpha. Establish this early on in adoption or when you get a puppy. Being the alpha helps train your dog to obey things like mealtime, commands, and general behavior. 

If you’re the alpha, interact calmly yet assertively with your pet. Dogs don’t respond well to unstable energy. It’s helpful to set rules and boundaries and be consistent. For example, keep to feeding times, and you can establish house rules such as no jumping on the couch. 

Alphas should also not force affection but instead, let your dog come to you. Once you establish a routine, life with your furry best friend will be quite seamless.

Why Do Dogs Sleep Next to You?

Dogs sleep next to you to feel secure. And they also snuggle up for comfort and warmth. Consider how puppies all cuddle up in a ball together. Dogs do that with their packs for life, and you are that for them. 

Take full advantage of those great moments. And you can imagine that dogs think humans are cute due to their affection.

why do dogs sleep next to you
Dogs sleep next to people for security, comfort, and warmth.

Does My Dog Miss Me When I’m Gone?

We may not know if dogs think humans are cute by sight, but we definitely know they miss us when we’re gone. Some signs will clue you into when and how much your dog longs for you. For example, if you come home to your belongings chewed up or slept on. Your pet craves your scent, and things are covered in your smell. Making a mess is a rebellion when left alone.

Other signs your dog misses you are if they cry when you leave, kind of like a human toddler. Or if they stare at the door waiting for your return and get extra excited when they see you. For example, if your dog jumps incessantly at you the minute you walk in the door.

Some dogs know when you’re leaving for an extended period. Have you ever been packing for a trip, and your dog follows you around the house? Or maybe tried to sleep in your suitcase? It’s a sure sign that your dog will miss you when you’re gone.

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do dogs think humans are cute
Dogs love their humans unconditionally and miss us when we’re gone.

It’s Okay to Believe Your Dog Thinks You’re Cute!

Feel free to think dogs think humans are cute. It’s a lovely thought when you’re bonding with your pet. The unconditional love that dogs provide us is so heartwarming. 

When they look at you longingly with those eyes just waiting for their ears to be scratched, we’re sure they’re saying, “My human is so cute I can hardly stand it!”

Does your dog think you’re cute? We imagine so!

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