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Do Beagles Like Water? Plunge Into the Facts

Do Beagles Like Water? Plunge Into the Facts

Some dogs love the chance to dive into a lake after a stick, others not so much. And many dog breeds love playing in ocean waves, jumping into ponds and lakes, or swimming in a pool. So, do beagles like water? 

Keep reading to learn more about beagles and whether they like swimming or water. We also dive into how you can help your dog adjust to the water.

What Are Beagles Most Common Traits? 

Beagles love to play and stay active. As hunting dogs, they have a lot of energy and thrive when given a job or activity. 

They require a lot of training as they like to get around and explore with their noses. In fact, this can sometimes lead them to run off without permission. They are highly intelligent but stubborn.

Beagles can also be quite vocal and loud. They were bred to hunt in packs and like to be social. When properly introduced, they get along well with other dogs, cats, and children. Beagles can make good family pets. 

do beagles like water
Beagles love to explore with their noses leading the way.

Do Beagles Like Water? 

Many assume active dogs love to get outside and go for a swim. However, beagles don’t usually enjoy the water. 

While this depends on the dog, beagles typically avoid water and don’t enjoy swimming. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try it out. They may end up tolerating it, as long as treats are involved.

Are Beagles Good Swimmers?

Beagles are hunting dogs and are used mainly for their noses and tracking abilities. They also need to travel long distances while hunting. And they were bred to be good swimmers and to catch wild game in the water.

However, just because they can swim doesn’t always mean they like it. So can you teach your beagle to enjoy the water?

Can You Teach Your Beagle to Like the Water?

Just like children, you can teach your beagle to like and feel comfortable in the water. Starting at a young age will also help. Here are some tips for teaching your beagle to like water.

puppy pushing a ball by a swimming pool
Start introducing your beagle to the water at a young age.

Slowly Introduce Your Beagle to the Water

First, start by slowly introducing your beagle to the water. They may not like it at first but going in the water a little at a time can help them feel comfortable. Try playing with them in shallow water or a kiddie pool for a few minutes. 

The younger you do this, the faster they’ll learn. And make sure to give them lots of treats and positive affirmations. Rewarding your beagle when it enters the water will help them realize it’s not so bad. 

Put a Lifejacket on Your Beagle

All dogs have the instinct to know how to swim. However, some beagles may feel more scared or hesitant in the water. You can help them feel more secure with a doggie lifejacket. 

Then you can also hold onto the handle to pull them to safety if they get scared or panic. And remember, any time you take your dog on a boat, they also need a lifejacket.

Take Your Beagle in the Water for a Swim

Go with your beagle in the water to swim. If they see you close by and relaxed, they may begin to relax as well. You can have them practice swimming toward you and reward them with a treat. 

You can also practice fetching in the water for short distances. The more often you do this, the faster they’ll warm up to the idea of swimming.

Swim With Other Dogs

Additionally, your beagle may start to like the water better if its pack does the same. If you have another dog that likes the water, your beagle may feel more inclined to follow. Or you can enroll your dog in swimming lessons. 

They may feel safer in a small pool they can easily escape when needed. Having them swim with other dogs can help them see that it can be a fun time to socialize. 

beagle licking water out of a pool
Your beagle may feel safer in a small pool to start with. After it’s comfortable, you can advance to a larger body of water.

Why Is Swimming Good for Your Beagle?

Just like us, swimming is good for our health. It can have many benefits for your dog too. Let’s learn more about why you may want your beagle in water.

Exercise and Health

Swimming provides good exercise and works every muscle. It provides resistance to build strength as well. Just 10 minutes of swimming equates to a 30 to 40-minute walk

According to Top Dog Health, it can improve health by “strengthening the heart and lungs, decreasing inflammation, increasing metabolism, and improving circulation, which helps keep the skin and coat healthy.”

dog swimming in water
Swimming is an excellent low-impact exercise for beagles.

Joint Friendly and Low-Impact Activity

Swimming can also help dogs with muscle and joint pain. This low-impact activity can provide relief for overweight dogs or with mobility issues. 

The water takes some weight off the skeletal system and can help improve your dog’s range of motion. Swimming is often used as physical therapy for dogs recovering from surgeries, dysplasia, and arthritis. 


In addition to health benefits, swimming can provide needed stimulation to burn off some of that energy. Beagles tend to struggle with separation anxiety, so activities in water that stimulate them can help.

Swimming can tire them out physically and mentally, so they calm down at home. Varied and new types of play can stimulate them in good ways.

A Way to Cool Down

After a good swim, your beagle may get deeper sleep, improving its health and personality. Hard exercise and mental stimulation can help them relax. 

And it can also give them a chance to cool down when out in the sun. A fun swim in cool, fresh water can give them some relief from the heat. After, they’ll likely want to take a nice nap and cool off.

What Do Beagles Love the Most?

Beagles are loyal, meaning they love you most and want to please you. Well, you and perhaps following a scent! They thrive when they get to be with you and receive attention. Getting in the water with them can give you a chance to bond.

And if you like to swim, they may start to like it more too. They’ll want to be where their human is and please you. 

So if you want your beagle to like the water more, spend time with them and give them lots of treats and praise. You may find that they’ll enjoy it more each time. 

Do you have a beagle that avoids the water? Let us know in the comments below!

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