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The Best Pet Inventions From CES 2018

The Best Pet Inventions From CES 2018

Time stands still for those who await the Consumer Electronics Show every year. Most forward-thinking companies announce their latest inventions at CES. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Each January, tech companies and news teams from around the world fly to Las Vegas for that explosion of gadgets known as CES.”

And in 2018, we saw tons of technologies just for our pets that even wow the experts. These high-tech gadgets cater to man’s best friends. Many have evolved, allowing you to feed and play with your dog when at work. Let’s learn more about the best pet inventions from CES. 

CES Isn’t Just for People

Most tech lovers are familiar with the yearly introductions of products for use by people around the world. But few realize that technology can extend to items made for use by their beloved pets. CES has introduced several items that can make life for you and your cat and dog much more enjoyable and simple.

When Was the First Consumer Electronics Show?

The Consumer Electronics Show began in New York City in 1967. This initial convention was a spinoff from the Chicago Music Show and had only 14 exhibitors, including Motorola, Philips, and LG. The show didn’t have many electronic innovations to introduce until 1970 when Philips showcased the first video cassette recorder, priced at $900.

For a time, the show rotated locations around the country, exhibiting twice a year. But it finally found a home in 1998 in Las Vegas, Nev. Vegas has become the perpetual destination for techies who want to see what’s new each year. As time passed, CES found itself at the forefront of technologies like Atari gaming computers, compact discs, and Apple personal computers. It has also showcased thousands of other benchmarks.

Are Only Pet Inventions Unveiled at CES?

The Consumer Electronics Show highlights new electronic products for human use (consumers). Every year new inventions unveil at this huge convention before they come to market. This allows everyone to see what will eventually hit store shelves in 6 to 12 months. Those awaiting the next iteration of their favorite phone, gaming system, camera, or television can usually see them at the CES first.

Focused, serious cat works remotely on a laptop, sitting on a windowsill by the window at home. Lifestyle. Close-up.

The Best Pet Inventions From CES 2018

Electronic devices have made people’s lives more efficient and comfortable, so why shouldn’t they do the same for our beloved pets? In 2018 we got a chance to see new products that assist in caring for and entertaining dogs and cats. And we’ve gathered a few for your perusal.

1. PetCube

The PetCube is a pet monitoring camera that allows you to have a video chat with your best buddy. The built-in sensors have motion detection, a speaker for two-way communication, a zoom lens, and night vision. You can even use it to videotape your “webinar” with your pet. The PetCube can also double as a security camera for home surveillance. Newer models now have an automated treat dispenser. It requires Wi-Fi for operation and costs $40.

2. PetWALK Animal Door

You can install the PerWALK burglar-proof animal door for any size pet. It is a thermal door that you can put in a wall, on a door, or even in glass. This innovative and safe door has an alarm system and programming that recognizes only your pets (no neighborhood raccoons or thieves). The price ranges from $1,931 to $2,287, depending on the door size.

3. Sony Aibo

This robot “companion” was created as a project with artificial intelligence. The Aibo looks like a robotic dog and can learn from its owners over time. It essentially grows from a puppy to a mature adult canine. It has a fisheye camera lens to take in its environment, location, and mapping software and requires Wi-Fi. The initial price is $1,500.

4. Wagz Smart Feeder

Automatically feed your pet by using the Wagz Smart Feeder. You can put an electronic pendant that identifies your pet when they come to the feeder. Based on your initial input, it will dispense the right amount of food for the pet that stands in front of it. It then dispenses at the time you have assigned. The feeder also has audio and video capabilities so you can see your pet at the machine. The price is $345.

5. Tractive GPS Cat

Knowing where your cat is at all times can be handy, especially if you have an escape artist. The Tractive GPS for cats can help locate your feline with a comfortable black tracker attached to their collar. You’ll need to pay a $5 monthly subscription fee to track your kitty’s movements, sleep patterns, and activities. You can also set alarms to notify you when your cat has left your preset limits. The Tractive GPS system, not including the subscription, costs $50.

Pebby made its debut at CES 2018 to rousing success. This interactive ball has a camera and sensors, all located inside a hard plastic shell. It can entertain your pet, either via an app where you see and speak to your canine or feline. And you can control the ball’s movements or use a separate collar that recognizes where your pet moves. It then follows along for automated play.

PetMio was another introduction to pet technology products. The collar tracker tells the food dish how much exercise your pet has gotten throughout the day. The dish then automatically distributes the proper amount of food into its feed bowl based on an algorithm of calories burned and calories in the food.

Finally, Petrics made a pet bed made of memory foam and sensors that measure the amount of activity your dog or cat has had. It bases its data on a tracker on his collar. It then adjusts the bed’s temperature to keep your pet comfortable.

New Gadgets to Keep You and Your Pet Happy

Pet products are big business because we all like to pamper our dogs and cats. And it didn’t take long for the Consumer Electronics Show to include them in their offerings. Take advantage of knowing what pet stores will have. Plan on purchasing some high-tech toys for Fido and Kitty as soon as they hit the shelves. Have you used any of these pet inventions?