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10 Celebrities Who Love Their Rescue Cats

10 Celebrities Who Love Their Rescue Cats

Flipping through social media you’re bound to find some adorable cat videos. And celebrities who rescue cats often dote on their fur babies online too. 

Keep reading to learn about 10 celebrities who love their rescues. You might be surprised that some are deeply invested in advocating for cats.

Celebrities Adopt Cats, Too

It’s true, celebrities adopt cats too. Animal lovers around the world, famous or not, see the importance of rescuing cats and freeing up shelters. From overcrowded shelters to stray cats, giving an animal a loving and caring home is vital to saving the lives of many more. 

Celebrities have the advantage of putting their fame and future behind the message of animal welfare. By advocating and showing their fans how they love their rescued cats, they encourage and influence the decisions of their followers. If your favorite actor or actress adopted a cat, isn’t that the first place you’d look to add a new kitty companion to your family? Many would and do!

10 Celebrities Who Love Their Rescue Cats

While there are many celebrities who rescue cats, and we love all who do, these ten are our ten favorite feline heroes in the spotlight. And the first, Beth Stern, has gone above and beyond by starting a rescue and adoption center.

1. Beth Stern

Beth Stern is an actress, model, and animal rights activist. She’s also the wife of the famous American radio personality Howard Stern. 

Beth started Beth’s Furry Friends because of her lifelong love for animals and desire to foster and rehabilitate abandoned cats. Since 2016, she’s provided spay or neuter, foster care, and facilitated adoptions to over 2,000 felines. She’s also helped create Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center, a cage-free adoption center at the North Shore Animal League of America. It’s the world’s largest no-kill shelter and rescue organization.

Beth also drags her famous husband, Howard, in on the adventure. The platform of his radio show helps Beth’s efforts reach millions of listeners. While Howard may joke about the downsides of his wife’s philanthropic ventures, it’s clear that he is a huge supporter of Beth and the cause.

2. Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is one of the most well-known comedians and actresses in the world. Widely known for her starring role in the “Sister Act” movies, she’s also one of the hosts of the TV talk show “The View”. 

Whoopi adopted a rescue kitten after he appeared on The View. The kitten was thrown out of the window of a moving car on the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge in New York. Whoopi adopted him, and he now has a forever home. 

3. Jason Mraz

Musician, Jason Mraz is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He’s most known for his Billboard Hot 100 song, “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)”. He has 3 cats, two who were adopted kitten sisters from the San Diego Humane Society. He rescued the first in late 2013 and adopted her sister weeks later in 2014 to reunite them.

Jason says, “My cats are feet warmers, heart healers and belly laughers. Just saying their names calms my nervous system and cools my attitude. They mean the world to me.” He also says they help him determine whether a song is good or not, and dutifully remind him of dinnertime and bedtime every day.

4. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is one of the most famous pop singer-songwriter in the world. You’ve likely heard many of his songs simply by walking through a store or turning the radio on. The British star is also one of the most well-known celebrities who rescue cats.

Ed adopted a kitten in 2014 because it would be euthanized. He named the kitten Graham and created him his own Twitter account @GrahamShizza so all his fans could follow along. Sadly, he was hit by a car and killed in 2019. Sheeran now has two other cats, Dorito and Calippo who have amassed over 250k followers on their Instagram account, @thewibbles. Dorito is an orange tabby cat and Calippo is a Scottish Fold cat.

5. Florence Welch

Lead singer of the indie rock band Florence + the Machine, Florence Welch, is a cat lover. The band rose to fame quickly, and one of its biggest hits is “Dog Days Are Over”. 

Florence adopted her cat from an animal shelter in London, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. She told the “Evening Standard” publication that she brought home a rescue cat because she’s at home so much working on her music.

6. Lea Michele

Lea Michele is most known for her role in the TV show “Glee”. Her amazing vocal talents were displayed on the show, and in Broadway shows. She has released her own music albums.

Lea has always been an animal lover and is fond of cats. While filming “Glee”, she found six stray cats on the Paramount Studios lot. She adopted two of them and found homes for the others among her crew and cast mates. 

7. Alison Brie and Dave Franco

Hollywood couple, Alison Brie and Dave Franco are both actors. Alison is most known for her role on the TV show “Mad Men”. And Dave is known for his role in several comedic movies, including “Day Shift”. 

The couple adopted two rescue kittens in 2020, Otis and Max. They were adopted from MaeDay Rescue, a rescue for street and shelter animals. MaeDay is mostly a dog rescue, but they also have what they call a kitten season to help cats get adopted.

8. Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder is an actor known for his roles in “Lost” and “The Vampire Diaries”. He’s also the owner of a bourbon company. And he and his wife, Nikki Reed, love animals. In fact, they have cats, chickens, horses, and more on their land. 

Ian and Nikki adopted a cat that would have otherwise been euthanized. The cat was said to be feral and unfriendly, but they opened her cage and found out she was none of that. So, they took her home.

9. Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh, an American actor, is known for her role in the long-running hit “Grey’s Anatomy”. She’s also a cat lover who enjoys posting photos of her feline friends on her Instagram. Sadly, one of her rescues passed away in January 2023. 

Kate not only adopted her cats but is also an advocate for rescue organizations. And her cats even help with human organizations. In 2010, her cats posed for a breast cancer awareness campaign.  

10. Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer is known for her role as Pam on the TV Show “The Office”. She’s also the co-host of the famous podcast “Office Ladies”. And she’s a celebrity who rescues cats.

As a cat lover, Jenna has rescued her own cats and advocates for others. She’s also helped Kitten Rescue LA as a spokesperson and volunteer. 

How Do You Find Cats in Need of a Home?

To find a cat needing a home, start by talking with your local shelters. Getting cats out of shelters to make room for more is essential. We’ve also put together a guide to pet adoption websites. You can simply get online and look for a feline friend who needs a forever home. 

two cats with kennels
Rehoming cats can be stressful, but with patience and training, trust can be built.

Is It Traumatic to Rehome a Cat?

Rehoming can be anxiety-inducing for the cat and you. But it’s possible to get the cat past the stress of a new place and many changes without too much damage. 

Bringing a new cat home requires patience, especially if it came from a shelter or a bad situation. Have a plan for when your new fur baby gets home, and give it a tour of the house to start making it comfortable. Be sure to introduce it to where the food and water and litter box will be. And give lots of positive reinforcement to start gaining its trust.

Pro Tip: Read 10 signs to watch for when bringing a new cat home.

What Makes Celebrities a Good Advocate for Fostering and Adopting Cats? 

Celebrities who rescue cats can be good advocates for foster programs and adoption. Particularly if they have thousands or millions of followers on social media. Posting photos to large audiences is an excellent way to let others know how wonderful fostering and adopting can be. Celebrities’ wide reach can be a win-win for cats and potential pet parents. 

Have you considered rescuing a cat? If so, do some research or check in with your local shelter.

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