Learning how to effectively calm their anxiousness can help elongate their lifespan.

What Causes Extreme Anxiety in Pets?

So, you’ve got an anxious pet and you’re not sure what to do to ease their nerves. Don’t worry because you’re not alone. Many people have pets who suffer from extreme anxiety due to various reasons including fear of thunderstorms or abandonment issues. By learning how to identify signs of anxiousness in your pets, you’re better able to help them get through the fearful moments and return to normal quickly.

Signs of Anxiety in Dogs and Cats

There are many signs that indicate that an animal is stressed and anxious. Among the most notable is their body language. If you see them with their heads and tails down or pacing, know that it could be an indication that they’re distressed. They may also have sad eyes, a curled lip, be licking themselves excessively or be growling or yelping loudly.

Be careful when approaching a scared animal even if they’re familiar to you. They may scratch or bite as a way of defending themselves. Instead, sit where they can reach you easily and speak in a calm and reassuring way.

What You Can Do to Help Your Furry Friend Ease Their Worries

Your role as your pet’s caregiver is to provide them with a sense of safety and security. Doing that requires you to build trust with them. You can spend time reassuring them that everything is alright by petting them and telling them how good they are.

Creating a calming environment also helps ease the animal’s worries. One way to do that is to play soft music and diffuse pet-friendly aromatherapy essential oils into the air. Lavender is a very calming scent for people and pets.

You can also invest in a Thundershirt which hugs your dog’s body and helps ease anxiety during thunderstorms. The product is available for sale online and in some retail establishments. Make sure that you buy the right size for your animal because you want it to fit snugly but not cut off circulation in their body.

Training your pet to listen to your commands helps because it establishes order in their lives even when they feel like things are out of control. Make it a point to set boundaries from the very start with your dog and cat. Discourage bad behavior and reinforce good behavior so they know that you are in charge.

The Petrics App and You

The Petrics app and community provides valuable resources for pet owners just like you who may experience an anxious dog or cat. By following the tips listed above and consulting your pet’s veterinarian for further suggestions, you should be able to ease the frustration felt by your furry friend when they are scared or ill.

You’ll be alerted to changes in their normal anxious behavior, too, which allows you to seek medical care for them quickly. Your dog or cat may be experiencing a medical issue that needs immediate attention. Knowing the signs and symptoms that come with anxiety helps you be a better pet parent overall by easing their pain or fear and getting them the relief they so desperately need.

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