Why Your Cat Shouldn’t Eat Dog Food and Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat Cat Food

If you want to know “Can cats eat dog food?” and “Can dogs eat cat food?” are valid questions that need explanation. Physically, the animals can do whatever they set their minds to. They eat all types of things they aren’t supposed to, right? That doesn’t mean that they should eat their fellow pet’s food in addition to or in place of their own.

Cats Can’t Chew the Way That Dogs Do

Here’s why. Cats swallow their food whole because they lack molars that grind. They also have a jaw that only moves side to side. When they eat a large, crunchy piece of dog food, they put themselves at risk for choking on it.

Dogs Don’t Need Large Amounts of Protein Like Cats Do

Dogs are omnivores, and their systems can handle grains and vegetables along with meat. They don’t need the amounts of protein that cats need. When they eat cat food, they gain weight, become obese, and may even exhibit signs of stomach upset through symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea.

Pet Obesity Shortens a Pet’s Life by Years

Pet obesity is a real problem that needs solving. It, along with other conditions, shorten a pet’s life. Knowing what types of problems develop in your dog and cat when they eat the wrong foods helps you develop a course of action that prevents overeating.

Pancreatitis is a Fatal Factor That Shortens a Dog’s Life

Pancreatitis is another thing that can happen to dogs when they eat cat food. Inflammation of the pancreas is sometimes fatal. Dogs that regularly eat their feline friends’ food could die from doing so.

The Right Nutrients Keep Pets Safe and Healthy

Cats and dogs need different nutrients in their diets. That’s why cat and dog foods differ dramatically in ingredients.  Deficiencies cause health problems and can even lead to physical conditions such as blindness and reproduction issues.

Dogs can make 12 amino acids on their own.  Cats can make 11. Anything beyond that must be supplemented by the food your pet eats.

Read labels carefully and if in doubt, contact your veterinarian for recommendations. If you’re not sure if a food is helping or harming your pet, talk to the vet first before serving your cat or dog additional bowls full of it. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Choosing the Best Food Money Can Buy for Your Pets

Finding the right formula for your dog and cat is key. Then making sure that they don’t eat one another’s food is essential to their health and well-being. Feeding your pets in different rooms helps keep one pet out of another pet’s food bowl.

Keeping Track of What Your Dog and Cat Are Eating is Easy with Petrics

Controlling what and how much your dog and cat eats helps prevent obesity which leads to a shorter lifespan for your pet. Using the Petrics app to look up ingredients to see how they help your canine or feline to thrive is easy. Once the Indiegogo campaign is fully funded, you’ll be able to download the mobile application to your phone or tablet and start using it.

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