Small, charitable acts done over time make the ultimate difference.

How You Can Do the Most Good for Your Furry Friends

So, you want to take action and do good for the animals of the planet. Where do you begin? How do you decide which groups to work with and how to contribute to them regularly? Is it better to donate time, money or skills? Can you write off donations come tax time?

These questions are legit and deserve a thorough response. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to create a mini guide of sorts that explains the importance of volunteerism and charitable giving. Having an understanding of each allows you to make the all-too-important decision on how to spend your time and money going forward.

Making the Most of Your Time on the Planet by Giving Back

You love animals and can’t get enough of your pets. You want to do more to help the different groups you run across online and in person but you’re not sure how. Don’t worry, we’ll help you make important decisions as to who to work with and how to make the biggest impact on your community and the world as a whole.

Here is how you can do the most good for your furry friends:

Donate money to the causes you align with. You can drop off your donation in person, send in a check or pay with a credit card online. You’ll receive a receipt for your monetary contribution that you can use to show proof of donation when you file your taxes.

Donate time to non-profits and charities that could benefit from your volunteerism. Having people who are willing to pitch in and do whatever an animal group needs to be done is a big help. If you have a few hours a week to spare, consider all the good you can do by supplying physical labor to non-profits and charities. You can provide cats protection and help find dogs needing homes permanent places to live through awareness, advocacy, and sharing through online platforms such as social media and online groups.

Donate your skills when you have little money but lots of time to spare. Everyone is good at something. Take inventory of your skills and talents. Then, decide how to use them to your advantage. You can easily help animal groups gain recognition, raise funds, and even get more animals adopted by doing what you do best.

There are so many options that await you when it comes to helping animals. From urging pet owners to spay or neuter their dogs and cats to raising funds for new shelters and supplies, there are many ways you can pitch in and help out. Even if your finances don’t allow for regular contributions to your favorite charity or non-profit, consider the power of social media and sharing posts relating to animal-centered campaigns.

Where to Find Animal-Related Charities and Groups That Need Your Support

There are many places to find charities and animal groups needing assistance. Social media is one source. Facebook, in particular, has pages full of non-profits, charities, and animal rescue groups to choose from. You can also do a simple web search for locations near you.

Volunteer Match provides in-person and virtual volunteer opportunities for you to consider. From graphic design to grant writing, there is something for everyone to choose from. If you want to share your money, time, and talents with a worthy cause, the website is among the best places to go to communicate with animal groups around the nation.

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