Gain the inspiration needed to pick out the best gifts for your family or friend.

The Best Gifts to Give Someone Who Loves Dogs

Do you know a dog lover who loves to receive gifts bearing the likeness of their furry friend? If you do and need ideas of what to buy them, consult this list. We created it to serve as inspiration for you. That way, you don’t have to search far and wide for the perfect gift for your relative or friend.

Here are some of the best gifts to give someone who loves dogs.

A Custom Portrait of Their Pet.

Nothing is more heartwarming than a commissioned painting of the person’s pet. They’ll cherish the portrait and the sentiment that comes with it. You can choose the style of painting that best fits the personality of the relative or friend you’re giving it to, too. Fiverr and Etsy are two places you can go to find unique portrait artists to pay to create artwork for you. Looking through examples of their work can help you determine who is the perfect artist for the gift you want to give.

A Donation in Their Name.

Contribute to the good work done by animal rescue groups around the world. Make a donation in the name of your relative or friend. Present them with documentation stating how much you gave and to what charity or non-profit. They’ll feel good knowing that the money given is going to a good cause. You will, too, because a gift that gives to those in need is one of the best presents you’ve ever given to a person.

Gift Cards for Pet-Friendly Accommodations and Businesses.

Your dog loving sister or BFF wants to go places where their pet is welcome. That’s why it’s important to invest in businesses that are pet-friendly. A gift card to a hotel or restaurant that welcomes pets is a great investment. It allows the recipient to travel with their furry friend and create memories with him or her.

Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool.

This genius invention makes bathing a pup a breeze. It attaches to a water hose and serves as both a brush and sprayer. It can be used to tackle the dirtiest pooch with great ease. It’s available for sale on Amazon and can be used on other animals such as cats and horses, too.



A Pooch Selfie Ball.

An attachment for the phone that holds a tennis ball makes for the perfect picture every single time. If the person that you’re buying from loves to take selfies with their dog, the Amazon product is right for them. It’s made to work with iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones and attaches to most phone cases with the exception of the Otterbox, Body Glove, and Lifeproof models.



If you know someone who loves dogs, you’re going to love all of the exciting things that there are to buy them. Use this list as inspiration and don’t forget to tell them about the Petrics app. It’s excellent for dog care and healthy nutrition as it allows a person to look up the ingredients that make up dog food and treats as well as schedule alerts for vet appointments and medication administration times.

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