Protect your pet’s health with careful research.

Some foods and substances are lethal to pets. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of what you’re feeding your dog and cat. Costly medical mistakes can be avoided by refraining from giving the animals foods they shouldn’t be eating. Identifying potential problems within the home allows you to remove the items from the residence and replace them with safer alternatives.

Here are some of the many ways to avoid feeding dogs and cats the wrong things.

Read a product’s ingredient list.

Despite claims that a food or treat is “all-natural” or uses high-quality ingredients in its recipe, it’s often not the case. Not all brands are created equal. Some ingredients are far better than others, so keep the Petrics app open whenever you’re considering a new food or treat to feed the dog or cat. You’ll learn quickly which ingredients it contains and know whether to give the product to the pet.

Don’t feed the pet table scraps.

The easiest way to avoid feeding dogs and cats foods that they cannot eat is to not give them table scraps or “people food” whatsoever. By simply sticking to the foods and treats that you’ve been feeding them regularly, the tragedies that come with poisonous foods are avoided.

Stay on top of product recalls.

Sign up for alerts through the Petrics app when the pet industry issues a recall. That way, you can act promptly by finding another brand of food and treats to feed the dog and cat. You won’t take a chance with their health by finding out the hard way that a product wasn’t fit for consumption.

Remove dangerous substances from the home entirely.

After learning which products and substances are poisonous to pets, research alternatives that can be used to replace them. For example, if a commercial cleaning product is highly toxic, use vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide instead. Select houseplants that won’t make your dog or cat ill if they accidentally or deliberately eat one of the leaves or flowers.

Enforce a “no hand feeding” rule inside your residence.

This is just a sampling of the things that can be done to protect the animal’s health. By enforcing a “no hand feeding” rule in the home, you keep others from making the mistake of feeding the cat dog food or dog cat food as well as lethal people foods. Placing treats on the floor beside the pet or inside of a toy that dispenses them eliminates the desire to sneak a dog or cat something “special”.

Knowledge is key. When in doubt about a specific item or potential threat, consult the animal’s veterinarian for sound medical advice. He or she can always fill in the gaps in your knowledge base by providing quick solutions to replace the products that you’ve permanently removed from the home.

Knowing which items to feed dogs and cats is essential to their health. It ensures that they get the vitamins and nutrients needed to function optimally. Avoiding the wrong foods is just as important because many are considered lethal.

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