First Pet Nutrition Console for Veterinary Clinics

As a veterinarian or pet care professional, you want to help your patients have the best pet nutrition possible. You want to earn back the trust the internet and pet shops are starting to erode among cat and dog owners.

There are two challenges offering proper animal nutrition consultations. You just don't have the extensive knowledge or time to do it fully.

And a lot of times, it's not necessarily the knowledge but the level of knowledge needed to do that kind of consultation. Cheat sheets save time but they are so generic that they don't cover the specific individual pet's nutritional needs.

What Petrics is giving animal clinics and their staff is the care they have been wanting to provide but just haven't been able to offer ... until now.

golden retriever eating by Petrics

The shrinking level of trust in vets among pet owners is because pet owners don't understand why they can't get all these foods over the counter and are only offered therapeutic diets.

Vets recommend these specialty foods because it doesn't make sense to have so many over-the-counter on hand to both manage inventory and know which to recommend.

There are too many pet foods for cats and dogs.

As a vet, I would rather have 30 products total (as opposed to thousands). If I had a senior dog with hip dysplasia then I know which of these specialty foods on my short list or on inventory to recommend or prescribe.

Petrics wants to keep the same ease of recommending the right foods, but sort all the available pet foods on the market as well as any in inventory with the pet clinic.

Patients don't always need that really expensive specialty or therapeutic diet. Petrics now opens up vets to access thousands of retail products, quickly filter, and even discover products they have never even heard of that may be more ideal for the pet's health.

Many times, products slip through the cracks because that company didn't have the marketing dollars of the large retailers.

Why Pet Health and Nutrition

Why help pets?

Being a pet lover myself, I want to see all pets be healthy.

I started in the IOT (Internet of Things) space tracking metrics around pet health. It was then that I started to realize where the problem really was. The data was clear. Nutrition wasn't being managed properly. The calories weren't being managed properly. People didn't know what their pet actually needed.

Edward Hall, CEO of Petrics

My mom was the catalyst to start Petrics. She had three cats and a dog that were eating each other's food. She was having trouble managing their diets and what they each needed. They were all different ages with different life stage needs.

It was cumbersome for her. And it's cumbersome for trained professionals let alone pet owners. Some of her pets where not getting enough food and some were obese. That caused a lot of financial and pet well-being impacts for her that just needed to be solved.

We are seeing an obesity epidemic where over 53% of dogs and cats are overweight or obese. That also translates into a lot more spending out of your pocket for medical conditions, when if you just kept them in their ideal weight zones, not only would they live longer as studies show, but they would live happier lives.

The unfortunate part for the vet side is making sure there is compliance at home. Even if the vet conveys to the pet parent the proper calories, the next step is ensuring that the pet parent is educated in understanding what that means.

Knowing how many calories is one thing but then translating that into the food that they have chosen is key. How many scoops is that? Because it gets too complicated when I have to translate 1100 kCals per day into cups, scoops, nuggets, cans, feeding times, etc.

So with the Petrics Nutrition Console, being able to provide the vet or vet tech with the knowledge to break it down by product, and provide that to the pet owner, who can easily take it home and follow step by step, allows everyone to benefit.

The Pet Nutrition Solution for Petcare Professionals

When we speak with vets, when we speak with them at conferences, when we speak with experts like Kara Burns, we hear they sincerely want to offer the absolute best nutritional care for their patients. But we also know deeply that they just don't have the time.

We see how many vets can't raise their hands at conferences when Kara Burns asks, "How many of you are doing BCS scores? How many of you are calculating MERs? Muscle condition scores?" There are so few hands of vets actually doing these things fully ... but there is no lack of desire.

Petrics petsThe urgency is there among vets to do more nutrition consultations. And the problem is magnified at conferences because these few hands are among all the clinics who could afford to spend the money and time to send their vets and vet techs to a conference for Continuing Education in the first place. These clinics are thinking ahead and are more likely to do a little better on doing nutritional consultations.

And even they are struggling to do so.

If they were given a tool to help solve the two problems clinics face:

1) Lack of vast amounts of clinical product data, nutritional knowledge, or nutrition expertise
2) Lack of time

... clinics would most certainly dial in the right nutrition for their patients every time. At more affordable prices for their patients.

We tell vets all the time, "We know you want to do this, and we can't blame you for not. There are too many products out there. There are thousands of products! There is no feasible way for you or your team to research all these products. And if you're the subject matter expert and most knowledgeable one here, you have the most limited time over your techs, who are spending the most time with your patients."

Petrics allows your vet tech, who knows the pets by name, who knows the pet owners by name, who has built a rapport with them, to do the nutritional consultation. And it saves the vets the time.

On top of that, you can even make additional revenue by offering custom-tailored nutrition consultations that you can track over time with your patients.

So whenever patients come in, whether you want to add it as an additional service or you just want to add it as a small fee tied in with their existing wellness plan (if your clinic does that), it's the perfect value-add service.