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About Us

Welcome to Petrics, where animal lovers and rescue enthusiasts come for education, entertainment, and inspiration!

More specifically, we are a hub for rescue lovers. If you’ve ever rescued an animal from the streets, adopted from a shelter, donated to an animal welfare cause, or given a home–temporarily or permanently–to any animal in need, this website is for you! Here at Petrics, we share the most interesting questions answered, the most entertaining news and culture, and the most inspiring rescue stories.

Our founders, Caitlin and Tom Morton, are the stars of the Discovery TV Show The RVers, prominent RV YouTubers, and owners of the successful website Mortons on the Move. After traveling for years with their rescue dogs and growing Mortons on the Move to one of the largest and most respected RV resources on the web, the Mortons decided to turn their attention to their love of animals. Their goal: to create the most educational, entertaining, and inspiring pet content on the web.

Additionally, our mission is to give back to animal welfare organizations so they can continue their good work in saving the constant stream of animals in need. In fact, 5% of all profits from Petrics are donated to animal-saving initiatives!

Our team has been animal caretakers and lovers all our lives. We get it. We know how deep the love for your furbabies goes, and we know where all your questions come from. We have them too! That’s why we strive to bring you the best pet-related content out there, backed by data and real-life trials, as much as possible. All our recommendations are based on experience, not just regurgitated information on the internet.

Meet our team of animal lovers below!

Meet the Petrics Team

Caitlin Morton, Co-Founder

Cait has had animals her whole life, from family cats and dogs as a child to caring for the class reptiles over breaks, to getting her first horse at the age of 12.

She swears she would never have gotten through her Business Management degree without the help of her late soul dog, Mocha (pictured). She’s worked in animal shelters in roles from kennel staff, management, and as a board member for over a decade, and has a severe case of the animal welfare bug.

At house parties, she’s that weird friend who hangs out with the host’s dog or cat instead of with other people.

Currently, Cait travels full-time by RV with her husband, Tom, and their rescue dogs, Luna and Solar. They run a successful blog about their travels called Mortons on the Move where they entertain, educate, and inspire others interested in RVing and vehicular travel.

She started Petrics to share her passion for the wonderful world of pets and helping rescue animals.

Tom Morton, Co-Founder

Tom was a late-blooming animal lover. Until he met his soul dog, Luna (pictured), he kind of always wondered what all the fuss was about. Then Luna found him, and now he totally gets it.

While he grew up with dogs all his life and liked them, he was forced into real close proximity to all kinds of animals upon meeting his now-wife, Caitlin, who was working at an animal shelter at the time. Dogs, cats, and horses quickly became a part of everyday life…and he has to admit it definitely kept things interesting!

As an Electrical Engineer, Tom is logical and mechanical. He is often dragged by Caitlin to help with handyman projects around shelters and figuring out solutions to pet-related problems. For instance, he built an automatic horse feeder to take Caitlin on dates without interrupting feeding time!

Together with Caitlin, Tom hopes to help more people find solutions to their pet challenges with Petrics. He is a stickler for quality and functionality, and would never recommend a product he wouldn’t use himself.


Julie Slagter, Content Manager

Julie grew up with all kinds of animals. Her family lived on a small hobby farm and took in everything from horses to goats and even an Emu at one time. Neighbors frequently came over on weekends to pet the animals.

She participated in 4-H throughout her youth and showed pigmy goats and donkeys. Julie also had the opportunity to work on a horse ranch for seven years and has always had dogs.

She currently travels full-time with her favorite co-pilot, Oliver, a miniature schnauzer rescue. As a content creator, Julie spends a lot of time at the computer. And Oliver is right by her side, periodically pawing at the keyboard, letting her know it’s time for a break.

Petrics is the perfect place for Julie to merge her professional skills with her love for animals.

Thanks for visiting our website, and we hope you’ll stick around!

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