Here is how you can help your overweight pet drop pounds safely.

Pet obesity is a phenomenon in the United States that commands attention. It shortens the life of dogs and cats and causes a myriad of costly and painful health conditions along the way. If you’re new to having pets and aren’t sure if dogs can eat cat food or cats can eat dog food, don’t worry. Even the most knowledgeable pet owner had to start somewhere in their education.

Here are some of the things that can be done to help a pudgy pet lose weight. While it can be cute to see a “pudgy” pet, it’s really not a laughing matter. Pet obesity is a serious issue.

Feed cats and dogs in separate spaces.

That way, one pet isn’t tempted to eat another pet’s food. Cats and dogs have different dietary needs. It’s important that they don’t consume each other’s food on a regular basis because it can harm them.

Placing their food bowls away from each other ensures that each animal gets the nutrition they need to stay healthy. It also prevents over-eating from occurring. The Petrics app helps with keeping multiple-pet households on track with feeding schedules.

Know how much you should feed an animal your pet’s size.

Your pet’s age, breed, and size dictate how much you should be feeding them. If you have questions and concerns because the animal seems to still be hungry or gaining weight rapidly without eating extra food, contact the dog or cat’s veterinarian for further guidance. They’ll be able to conduct medical tests and give you advice on what type of diet to put your pet on.

Weighing your pet at home shouldn’t be an issue as long as you have a scale available. Smaller breeds are easier to weigh without assistance. You may need to have another adult assist you with weighing larger breeds, especially if they tend to move around a lot while on the scale. Be on the lookout later this year for the Petrics Smart Pet Bed with a built-in scale.

Make physical activity a priority.

Dogs can be taken outdoors and walked regularly. Cats, on the other hand, may need to remain active indoors because they don’t go outside the home. Finding time to engage them in meaningful play is recommended because it keeps the animals moving, exploring, and burning calories.

There are many games you can play with your pets indoors. Investing in some toys that they can catch, fetch, hunt or capture is ideal. It keeps their bodies moving and their minds young and active.

Find other ways to offer praise.

Food rewards contribute to excess weight. In fact, many people don’t know the appropriate size of treat they should give their pets. Instead, they reward their behavior with extra calories that the dog and cat don’t need.

When you want to express how happy you are with your pet, praise them verbally. Sit down and pet them. Tell them that they are a good boy or good girl instead of giving them the treat to eat.

Keeping track of feeding schedules, medicine dosages, and vet appointments.

Dropping weight safely takes time and persistence. It requires tools such as the Petrics app which helps monitor feeding and administering medicine closely. Knowing when your pet’s next check-up and weigh-in are scheduled is easy because the mobile application allows you to set up alerts that remind you of your pet’s next appointment.


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