Let your pet know how much you care by being the best pet parent you can possibly be.

Getting a new pet is an exciting thing. It is, however, also one of the biggest responsibilities that you take on. Dog care and cat care require hours of service not to mention finances which equate to medical care, food, toys, bedding, boarding, and other day-to-day necessities. Before adopting an animal from your local shelter, you should be well aware of the commitment that you’re making so you’re able to provide the best care possible for your new pet.

Here are five things every new dog or cat owner should know how to do:

Create a pet first aid kit.

Include all of the vital things you would need to treat your pet in the event he or she needed immediate medical assistance. You can find a list of suggestions online or create the kit based on your veterinarian’s recommendations. It’s also very important to keep the number of the Animal Poison Control Hotline and your choice of animal doctor in a visible location so that everyone in your family has access to it. If your pet behaves strangely or appears to have ingested something harmful, don’t wait. Contact a medical professional immediately.

Put the animal on a feeding and medication schedule.

Use the Petrics app to set up alerts that remind you to feed and administer meds to your new pet. Having an auditory reminder is key as it helps you remember to keep the animal on a schedule even when you’re extremely busy. The Petrics app is available for download for iOS and Android phones and tablets. It’s a valuable tool for new pet parents.

Potty train or litter box train the animal.

If the animal isn’t already trained to go relieve themselves outdoors or in a litter box, it’s your job to assist them with the process. Like potty training a child, it takes patience. There are many resources available that make quick work of the process. Find one that works well for your home and schedule. That way, there are fewer accidents to deal with.

Clean a minor scrape or wound.

From time to time, your pet may have a minor injury that doesn’t require immediate medical care from an animal doctor. In those cases, you can treat the scrape or wound yourself by cleaning it carefully and applying an antibacterial cream or balm to the affected area. Make sure to bandage it well so that the animal doesn’t feel tempted to bite or lick at it.

Provide detailed information about the pet’s medical history, behaviors, and traits in a file for reference.

Caring for your pet is easy when you know what types of challenges he or she faces. Keeping comprehensive records of your pet’s surgeries, medical conditions, medications, and temperament help others care for the animal better. Including photographs of the pet as they age is helpful, too, in the event they get lost. You’ll be able to find them faster that way.

Being a knowledgeable new dog or cat owner is easy when you have the Petrics app on your phone to refer to. Use it to set up alarms alerting you to feeding times and medication administration schedules. Learn which ingredients are included in the food that you’re feeding your pet. Know immediately if there is a recall so you can discontinue giving your dog or cat a certain brand of food or treat.


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