Your dog or cat may just be the host or hostess with the mostest!

5 signs that your dog or cat is extra

So, your furry friend has a personality and by that, we mean a BIG personality. He or she behaves the way that someone “extra” would. From painted paws to a closet full of clothing, some dogs and cats may give you a run for your money. If they turn their nose up when regular pet food is served or insist that the water that they drink is not tap but spring, you might have a diva or a showman living with you.

When Your Pet is Just Too Much

Here are five signs that your dog or cat is “extra.”

They have their own social media account and following.

If your pet is Insta-famous due to their extreme personality and preference for luxurious things, he or she is most certainly “extra”. When the number of followers a dog or cat has overshadows your own fan base, you know they are something really special.

Their wardrobe changes with each season.

If fashion isn’t an option because it is a necessity, you may just have a doggie diva or a really cool cat. Organizing their closet is somewhat of a feat because there are last season’s parkas, sweaters, shirts, and jackets to sort through. This leaves room for the tees, tutus, and ties that were purchased this season.

There is at least one professional photo shoot of just them.

Forget taking photos with your pets. When you hire a photographer to take shots of just your dog or cat, upload them to social media, and get an uproarious response, your pet is way more “extra” than you ever dreamed they were.

They own at least one bow tie.

That means they can go anywhere in style. Take a stroll around the block and look fabulous, check! Head to the vet or the groomers and be dapper, check. Visit family and friends and steal all of the attention, you’ve got that right! Check, check, check, check, check!

You have a big birthday blow-out for them each year.

Instead of celebrating alone, your pet has all of their closest family and friends over for the party of all parties. There’s dog-friendly or cat-friendly treats, entertainment, and plenty of photo opportunities. Don’t forget that your pet will be decked out in their finest duds. The occasion calls for the best threads and pampering, so count on some salon time, too, prior to the event.

If your dog care goes beyond the basic nail trim and shampoo at the groomers, you know your pet is extra. The same can be said about a cat who prefers homemade cat food made using premium ingredients that are mixed in a very specific way. You’ve got to love them even when they are finicky or outrageous.

An “Extra” Pet Makes for Some Extra Special Memories

Your dog or cat may be extra in one or many ways. Whatever the case may be, let his or her personality shine. After all, you want them to be healthy and happy all of the days of their lives. If that means perfumed fur and bling collars, so be it!

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