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5 of the Best Instagram Accounts to Follow If You Love to Spoil Your Dog

Your furry friend is more than just a four-legged companion. They’re an important part of your family! That’s why you go to the ends of the earth to spend time with them, ensure their health and happiness, and create long lasting memories of their presence in your life.

Social media provides a dedicated space to share your love for your pet as well as gain ideas on how to make their life better. From the right foods to eat to the top dog-friendly travel destinations, you’ll find a lot of information and inspiration online. You’ll never have enough time to view every dog-related account which is why we’ve curated a list of the best of the best for you to explore and engage with.

Five of the best Instagram accounts to follow if you love to spoil your dog include:


The monthly subscription box for your pet is only part of what makes this Instagram account cool. The best thing about it is how subscribers share photos of their dogs enjoying the products. If that isn’t motivation for you to get your pet a BarkBox, nothing is! You’ll find the company @barkbox on IG.

The Dogist

Capturing the unique appearance and personalities of dogs around the world, photographer Elias Weiss Friedman has built a significant following thanks to a project he started in New York. The account continues to delight and inspire pet lovers from around the world who make their dogs a priority in their life. Instagram users can keep up with the account @thedogist.


The adorable French bulldog has a more lavish lifestyle than most people. She lives in New York but has traveled to five different countries and really enjoys the atmosphere of L.A. Only the best dog store will do for this featured Frenchie. Follow Chloe @chloetheminifrenchie


Growing old gracefully isn’t for this pampered pooch. As a senior, she still attends parties and rubs noses with celebrities. You’ll find her inspiring Instagram account @marniethedog.

Dogs of Instagram

Chock full of cute pictures of dogs of all breeds, sizes, colors, and ages, your heart literally melts each time you see a pampered pooch dressed up, holding a prop or smiling for the camera. There is even a book you can buy if you’re a true canine enthusiast. See what all the buzz is about by following @dogsofinstagram right away. It’s almost as good as landing your dream job as a dog walker or dog sitter.

Instagram is truly inspiring. It provides beautiful visuals that get you to want to do the same kinds of things for and with your beloved four-legged friend. From buying the right dishes for your dog to eat out of to planning the ultimate road trip that just the two of you take together, you’ll find it all on the social network. Who knows, maybe you’ll build a fan base of your own by sharing what you and your dog have discovered together along the way!

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