Get more done in less time while keeping your pet safe and illness-free.

Time is something that most people have a shortage of. They’ve got plenty of obligations to tend to but few opportunities to add anything else to their already overflowing schedule. If your personal and professional lives have you running non-stop, you’ve probably come to depend on apps to help simplify things.

As a pet parent, your dog or cat is a priority in your life. Taking good care of the animals that live inside a home takes time and consideration. Even with a packed schedule, there are things that need to be done to ensure the health, well-being, and safety of a dog or cat.

The Petrics app helps you save time in the following four ways.

It reminds you of the veterinarian appointments you scheduled weeks ago.

Relying on memory when your schedule is jam-packed isn’t best. The app provides alerts that help jog a person’s memory. There is no need to hold onto appointment cards or call the veterinarian’s receptionist for a reminder.

It allows you to identify and research different brands and products to make sure they are nutritionally-sound and fit for consumption for your pets.

Good health starts with excellent nutrition. After learning which brands are best for a pet based on their age, size, and breed, you’re able to see which ingredients are contained in the product. Then, make purchasing decisions based on the information given.

Pet industry recall notification link is quickly accessed as a way to protect your pet’s health.

Learn valuable information about which products are being recalled as the recalls are announced. Take necessary action based on what you’ve learned by discontinuing use of said brands and varieties until they are deemed safe again. Among all of the features that the app provides, this one saves people time and money simply by visiting the FDA’s recall website for details.

It lets you know when to give medication to a dog or cat.

Following a strict schedule can be difficult with other things competing for time in your life. Knowing when to administer meds to a pet ensures that they’re able to stick to a schedule, too. As with vet appointments, alerts can be customized to meet the animal’s needs.

Accomplish more in less time. Being able to receive up-to-date information concerning your pet’s health and well-being from the convenience of a mobile device is reassuring. Our app allows its users to set up alerts, check out ingredients in pet food and treats, and learn about product recalls.

It’s just one of the many ways to save time in your busy day. It frees up your schedule to bond with your furry friend. It also ensures that they are always comfortable, properly fed, healthy, and safe from harm which is very reassuring.

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