Convenient and informational, they put the power of knowledge into your hands.

If you’re the type of person that uses your phone for everything, you’re going to want to download a few apps pertaining to pet ownership. Doing so allows you to look up information while you’re on the go, set alerts based on the time and date you specify, and place orders for the supplies that your dog or cat needs whenever it is running low.

Here are some pet-minded apps that you need on your phone right away:


This app helps you find puppies in need of a forever home. If you don’t have a four-legged friend yet and plan to get one, you can find adorable prospects by searching the different profiles on the app. Each dog is waiting for someone just like you to give them the love and attention they so desperately need. You get the companionship of a loyal and faithful friend.


Our application is designed to maximize your pet’s health in many ways. From disclosing the ingredients in different dog and cat food to allowing you to set up alerts reminding you of the animal’s next veterinary appointment, we’ve got you covered. Receiving up-to-date information about product recalls is a real asset as it sometimes takes a day for the information to make its rounds on social media. You don’t want to take a risk by feeding tainted food to your beloved pet because you weren’t aware of a public announcement.


The app works with a $79.95 tracking device named the Whistle 3 to help you find your dog if they leave your home. The app is free but the service itself costs money. It’s well worth the price if your pet is known to be an escape artist especially since collecting your dog at the animal shelter costs a fee. One or two incidents of a dog at large will be enough to convince you of the value of a tracking device.


Find which businesses around the nation welcome pets. From hotels to restaurants to beaches to parks, this app has you covered. If you’re planning some vacation time because you know you need to get away, bring your furry friends with you. They’ll enjoy being somewhere different, and you won’t need to worry about who will care for them while you’re gone.

Keeping your pet healthy and free of illness and disease is the number one goal of yours. The Petrics app makes convenience and safety a priority. Having it and some of the other apps listed above on your phone empowers you with knowledge and provides you with the tools needed to take excellent care of your dog and cat for the duration of their lives.

Using your smartphone to look up important information, make reservations at pet-friendly accommodations, schedule medication alerts for your dog or cat, and locate your missing pet is valuable. Consider it a resource that helps you be better prepared for the role of guardian. Caring for your pet all of the days of their life is a distinct honor that you’ll be happy to have had.

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