Giving your pet the royal treatment is easier than you ever imagined.

4 Extravagant Ways to Pamper Your Pooch Today

Your dog is your best friend, your fur child, and your constant companion. You want them to live a long, healthy and happy life. Some people may find your behavior a bit extreme when it comes to caring for your four-legged pal. Others are completely on board with the extra TLC you supply your pet with because they are just as guilty as you are of spoiling their dogs. A pet’s life is far shorter than their human’s, so it only makes sense that you love them with everything you got while they’re on the planet.

Here are four extravagant ways to pamper your pooch today:

A pedicure for your pedigree?

Those precious paws deserve time and attention, right? That’s where a poochie pedicure comes in. Not only will they get their nails trimmed and filed, you can elect to have your pet’s nails painted, too. If your little diva is what could be called “extra” in personality, a day at the doggie spa isn’t unheard of. In fact, the dog is probably a regular.

A doghouse fit for a king or queen.

One look through Pinterest or Instagram is all it takes to see who rules the castle. It’s not who you think, either! It’s most people’s pets! Creating a physical wonderland for your dog demonstrates just how much you love them. If having a scaled down version of your house is what you want to give your pet, enjoy the process of shopping for or building a doghouse that makes others enviable.

Hire a pet sitter that can keep them entertained no matter what you’re doing.

If the idea of leaving your dog alone while you work is too much for you, seek the assistance of a trained professional who adores animals as much as you do. Having companionship while you are away helps with separation anxiety. Your pet doesn’t have abandonment issues when they have someone else available to interact with. In fact, you may have a posh doggie daycare that they go to where they spend all day being treated like royalty the way you care for them at home.

Serve them the best food possible.

Your run-of-the-mill kibble won’t do for a fancy fella or lady. Giving them something out-of-the-ordinary and delicious on a regular basis is one way to pamper your pet. If you’re not sure which foods dogs can eat, refer to the Petrics app for more information. You’ll learn about the different ingredients that are put into commercial dog foods and treats. You can also refer to our blog to see which people foods are safe to feed your pet and which you should steer completely away from. If you want to know if the dog food reviews are accurate, do your homework by downloading the app onto your phone.

Taking time out of your busy schedule to pamper your pooch is well worth the effort. Your dog will look and feel amazing after receiving an all-star treatment. Like humans, animals flourish when they are cared for and loved. Show your dog how much he or she means to you by taking extra good care of them all the days of their life.

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