It’s not intentional but it is packing on the pounds on your pet.

Your pet may or may not have a problem with obesity. If he or she seems to be heading that way because they are packing on too much weight quickly, you may be the reason why it’s happening. Although your actions may not be intentionally hurting your pet, a serious weight gain in your cat or dog can reduce the number of years they live by reducing their lifespan significantly.

The following three reasons are why your pet is gaining weight rapidly. By identifying the root cause and replacing the behavior with a new, healthy habit, you reduce the risk of obesity and all the symptoms being overweight causes in cats and dogs.

Reason #1: Food time is competition time in multi-pet families.

If you have more than one pet, they may be fighting to be fed. One animal may act aggressively as a sign of dominance and eat the other pet’s food. They may even have a medical condition that causes them to be hungry even after eating a full meal.

To stay on top of multiple feedings, animal owners are able to download the Petrics Health and Nutrition app once its released to the public, and keep track of which pet gets what food. In the meantime, you can feed your cats and dogs in separate areas of the home. You can even try feeding them at different times to ensure that your cat doesn’t eat your dog’s food and your dog doesn’t get into your cat’s feeding bowl.

Reason #2: You reward every cute thing they do with a treat.

If you’re heavy-handed when giving out treats, stop. Your pet is agreeably cute, special, and your baby. You do not need to reward them with food every time they do something great.

Instead, praise them and spend time with them. Make it a point to take them outdoors or to spend a few extra minutes each day petting them. There are other ways to show affection that are calorie-free!

Reason #3: Your pet is not engaging in enough physical activity.

Your pet is not moving enough throughout the day. This could be due to your work schedule or the fact that you’re homebody. No matter what the reason, you need to get up and get your dog and cat moving.

Take your pup for a walk. Engage in some heart-inducing play with your cat. Whatever you can do to encourage your pet to move more, do so, even if it means moving their food and water bowl into another room.

Awareness is one of the greatest gifts a person receives as a pet owner. Learning how to better care for your cat or dog allows you to avoid costly vet bills and lengthen their lifespan. If you’ve ever questioned whether your dog can eat cat food or vice versa or struggled with not feeding your pets table scraps, you’ll benefit from knowing what you could possibly be doing wrong with your animal.

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