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The Problem With Pet Nutrition


Pet Health Statistics

Over 56% of dogs and 60% of cats in the US are overweight or obese.

On average, pet obesity reduces life expectancy by 2.5 years.

90% of pet owners surveyed thought their pet was of normal weight.

1 in 4 pets suffer from a food intolerance.

Pet Health Starts at the Nutritional Level
  • Is the food safe?
  • Does it meet my pet's needs?
  • How much should I feed my dog or cat?
  • Does it support my pet's medical needs and risks?
Busy Pet Parents

Today’s pet owners are busy professionals who don’t have time to research nutritional data and customize a diet plan for their pet.

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Watch These Videos on Pet Health and Nutrition

Listen to industry experts discuss health risks associated with overweight pets and the importance of preparing the proper diet plan that will allow your pets to live longer, happier lives.

Our App Solution

Our Health & Nutrition Application gives you the tools necessary to create a diet and safety plan for your pet. Petrics recommends that you consult with your veterinarian when preparing a plan for your pet.
Personalize Diet & Nutrition

We have validated thousands of pet foods and pet treats in our database and are able to present food and treat options matched to your pet's personal preferences.

Know the Ingredients

Our team of pet health professionals have analyzed thousands of pet food and treat recipes. The app is able to help you find and filter foods based on ingredients.

Pet Intolerance Testing

Our new 5Strands® Affordable Pet Plus Test is a non-invasive way of testing your pet for sensitivities to 1200+ ingredients, so you can further customize your pet's food.

Your Pets in One Place

Store important information about your pet, including medication and vaccination records, photos, emergency contacts, microchip ID, and so much more.

pet health nutrition app
Health Conditions Impact Diet

Our pet food and treat recommendations consider each breed’s genetic risks, your pet’s pre-existing medical conditions, and other characteristics.

Schedule Reminders

Our scheduler feature allows you to set alerts for your next vet appointment, when to administer medications, flea and tick prevention, play dates and so much more.

Access to Recall Alerts

Pet food and treat recalls happen all the time, but can you remember the last time you were aware of one? Stay safe with up-to-date access to the FDA pet food recall list.

Award Winning Application

Our application and supporting ecosystem of products has been recognized in 2018 by receiving 2 CES Innovation Awards, 2 US Business News Technology Elite Awards, Pet Business Industry Recognition Award, and PetGuide's 2018 Product Award.

Why Choose Us

Petrics is your partner in pet care


We offer pet owners access to information on thousands of pet foods and ingredients. Our advanced filters allows you to search for the perfect foods and opt to include or exclude ingredients to your liking so you can buy with confidence. The exclusive pet food intolerance test, 5Strands® Affordable Pet Plus Test, identifies your'pet's sensitivities to over 1,200 ingredients, allowing you to customize your pet's foods even more.



Our unique pet food App provides access to current pet food recalls and identifies existing recalls that may affect your purchasing decisions. The Petrics app also reminds you of upcoming vet appointments, when to administer or reorder pet medications, and application dates for flea and tick prevention.


The employees at Petrics are devout pet owners, just like you. We understand the importance of connecting with other pet owners who have the same interests and questions that you do. Both our App and our website allow you to connect with local groups for pet activities, get helpful advice, and take part in meaningful discussions about pet health and nutrition.

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The Petrics App is core to our ecosystem, but we are doing so much more; via the app, you can easily access future Petrics products like our Climate Controlled Smart Pet Bed and Activity Tracker collar straight from your phone. These tools identify activity and caloric burn rates, providing a feedback loop to keep diet, weight, and activity aligned. The bed's climate control feature ensures a comfortable resting temperature for your pet. Look for these tracking products by mid 2019.

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