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The Problem With Pet Nutrition


Pet Health Statistics

53% of pets in the US are overweight and obese.

Obesity can reduce a pet's life expectancy by at least 2.5 years.

90% of pet owners surveyed thought their pet was of normal weight.


The problem with pet obesity today starts at the nutritional level.

  • Is my food safe?
  • Does it meet my pet's needs?
  • How much should I feed my dog?
  • How much should I feed my cat?
  • Are the ingredients safe?
  • Does it support my pet's medical needs and risks?
Toxic Ingredients

Some products on the market contain toxic pet food ingredients.

  • How do you know what foods are safe?
  • Are you aware of food recalls when they happen?
Busy Pet Parents

Today’s pet owners are extremely busy working professionals and don’t always have the time to spend researching nutritional data and customizing a diet plan for their pet.

Petrics Feeding System and Activity Tracker

Our Solution

Our Health & Nutrition Application gives you the tools necessary to ensure proper diet and safety for your pet.
Personalize Diet & Nutrition

With over 15,000 pet foods and pet treats in our database, we are able to present scientifically matched food and treat options to your pet and personal preferences.

Know the Ingredients

We researched over 17,000 ingredients so your pet gets the safest, healthiest food choices, saving you time and money by reducing visits to the veterinarian’s office.

Pet Food Delivery

At home delivery and auto-ordering for all your pet food needs.  Choose from thousands of products, filtered to match your pet's personalized needs, and we ship right to your door. 

Health Conditions Impact Diet

Our pet food and treat recommendations consider your pet's genetic risks, pre-existing medical conditions, and other characteristics in their profile to find ideal foods and treats. 

Schedule Reminders

We remind you of your pets next vet appointment, when to administer medications, when to apply flea and tick prevention, and so much more.

Receive Recall Alerts

Recalls happen all the time and most pet owners don't know it.  If your food shows up on the recall list, we will notify you immediately, making sure your pet stays healthy and safe.

Find Food For Your Pet

Get exclusive access to the best food for your pet. We factor in critical characteristics like breed, weight, allergies, pre-existing medical conditions and age to help you identify the best options. Just click through the Petrics Food Finder. Then purchase directly through our app once you identify the optimal food choice.

Limited ingredients, grain free, organic, non GMO, gluten free, frozen pet foods
Detailed Pet Profile

Why Choose Us

We offer only the best solutions to your pet’s unique nutrition needs.


We are the only company to offer pet owners access to over 15,000 pet foods and information on over 17,000 ingredients. We even identify which ingredients are good or bad for you pet by rating each food so you can buy with confidence directly through our App.


Our unique pet food App alerts you when there is a current pet food recall and identifies existing recalls that may affect your purchasing decisions. The Petrics app also reminds you of upcoming vet appointments, when to administer or reorder pet medications, and application dates for flea and tick prevention.


The employees at Petrics are devout pet owners, just like you. And we understand the importance of connecting with other pet owners that have the same interests and questions as you do. Both our App and our website allow you to connect with local groups for pet activities, get helpful advice, and take part in meaningful discussions about pet health and nutrition.

Ecosystem 2

Through our exclusive habitat control panel within our App, you will be able to easily access future Petrics products like our Climate Controlled Smart Pet Bed and Activity Tracker collar where you can identify activity and caloric burn rates, providing a feedback loop to ensure that the diet, weight, and activity align for your pet’s personalized needs, all while providing the most comfortable temperature for your pet. Look for these tracking products in early 2017 as we launch them at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

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