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Thousands of pet products. Critical nutrition data. One platform. Easy for vets and techs to use. Leads to healthier pets and happier owners.


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Don't skip important nutrition consultation steps due to lack of time or knowledge. We add both to your clinic!

Health and nutrition for your pet

Pet Nutrition Has Never Been Easier!

Improve Care

Improve quality and accuracy of consultations

Save Time

Clinics have been able to reduce consultation times by 75%-85% while increasing quality of consult.

Increase Revenue

With the time savings and ease of use, see more patients per day and offer custom consultations as a paid service.

Automatic Calculations

Ideal Weights, Resting Energy Requirements, Maintenance Energy Requirements, and Dry Matter Basis Conversions

Extensive breed database

451 dog breeds and 70 cat breeds with risks, risk levels, and nutrition needs.

Consolidated pet food database

Thousands of food products to filter, sort, compare, or adjust against guaranteed analysis, nutrients, ingredients, and much more. Helps ensure proper nutritional recommendations. Empower your clinic with the most comprehensive, fastest, and easiest to use nutrition console.

Built by the Pros for the Pros

Kara Burns

"Having worked in veterinary nutrition for many years, this tool is what we have been needing.

My mission has been better nutrition for pets. Educating healthcare teams on proper nutrition for animals has been most of my life's work. I have heard, seen, and experienced the need for a tool to help healthcare teams sort through the literally thousands of nutritional products for pets. Which is why I believe Petrics has developed a tool which will be a game changer for veterinary teams."

Global keynote speaker and author, Pet Nutrition Alliance President Elect, NAVTA Past President, Founder & President of Academy of Veterinary Nutrition Technicians

—Kara Burns, MS, MEd, LVT, VTS

(Nutrition, Internal Medicine, Dentistry)